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Meshiaak - Mask Of All Misery Award winner

Mask Of All Misery
by Keith Morash at 08 January 2020, 12:12 AM

MESHIAAK is back with their second album – “Mask Of All Misery". I’ve heard this band described as Thrash Metal a few different times, and I think they have several different elements involved in shaping their style. That being said, they are a very talented bunch and I’m a sucker for a mean riff! Let’s dig in and see what they got!

Track one, “Miasma” starts out with a clean melody laid with a volume swell lead to sound like violin, showing some diversity in their writing, but doesn’t last long before the guitars rip in. I have to say, some killer riffs found throughout and I can see where people get the Thrash idea from, some really tight speed palm muted sections and a short but sweet solo. I thoroughly enjoyed the guitar work on this track. Moving on to number two, this is the title track- “Mask Of All Misery". Track 3, “Bury The Bodies". What I love most about this track is the slow, crushing tempo and the desperation in the vocals. “City Of Ghosts" comes in full force like a freight train that lost its brakes. The blistering fast double bass drum itself is enough to peel the face off your face. “Face Of Stone" has a very modern Metal/ Metalcore feeling to it but enough leads and cool riffs to still satisfy a thrashers palate. Skipping ahead to “Doves", an acoustic intro changes the pace, and rather than just change to distortion, they decide to keep the acoustic and lay the distorted electric over top. Giving the song a very different, outside of the box feeling.

My favorite track on the album would have to be “Adrena". Everything about this song screams aggression.  From the hail- fire artillery- like Drums to the abrasive, in your face vocals and ripping fast guitar riffs, for me, this song best displays their musical prowess. Runner up goes to “Godless". The song Is pure adrenaline. I honestly find it hard to describe an album, when all I really need to say is you should definitely check them out. Very talented and I think they deserve recognition for the well put together album. Here’s to many more years with MESHIAAK.

Song Writing: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Miasma
2. Mask Of All Misery
3. Bury The Bodies
4. City Of Ghosts
5. Face Of Stone
6. Tears That Burn The Son
7. Doves
8. In The Final Hour
9. Adrena
10. Godless
Danny Camilleri – Guitar / Vocals
Dean Wells – Guitar / Vocals
David Godfrey –Drums
Andrew Cameron - Bass
Record Label: Mascot Label Group


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