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Messiah - Fracmont Award winner

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 02 September 2020, 12:27 PM

Sometime ago, I praised the return of the Swiss Death Metal pioneers of MESSIAH, because they could be faced as a driving force for the genre in Europe (please, every article I read about Death Metal’s origins express the idea that the genre was born and evolved on USA only, despising how European bands as HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST, DESTRUCTION, SODOM, KREATOR and others helped to pave the way there). Their EP “Fatal Grotesque Symbols - Darken Universe” showed the band in a great shape, but wasn’t showing what they were about to unleash on “Fracmont”, their first full length since 1994’s “Underground”.

Again the same words: the quartet’s music is a technical and aggressive mix between Death Metal and Thrash Metal from the 80’s, with an old school outfit. But they were hiding the game, because all the songs of this album shows that they’re not living of their past, because the energy and aggressiveness of the music is amazing, in a way that can make some new bands blush in shame. Yes, this is a great album, and be prepared! As happened on their EP, the production, mixing and mastering were done by the hands of V.O. Pulver (the same one who worked with DESTRUCTION, BURNING WITCHES, NERVOSA and others). And he did an amazing work, creating something that enables the band to keep their musical roots, but could be aggressive and modern at the same time. It’s a fusion between the best aspects from the past and the present.

There are ten excellent songs on the album, but the nine minutes of the purest Death/Thrash Metal crushing energy of “Fracmont” (very good heavy and technical approach on the rhythmic kitchen), the good and classic power of “Mort al Dente” (great guitar riffs, indeed), the mass smashing slow pace of “Urbi et Orbi”, the contrasts and technical approach of “Children of Faith”, the 80’s elements shown on “Miracle Far Beyond Disaster” (very good grunts, in the same vein of Jeff Becerra), and the massive weight imposed on “Throne of Diabolic Heretics” are songs that every extreme Metal fan must hear.

Yes, MESSIAH is back to the front, ready to attack. And if you want to understand the intense power of Old School bands, give a spin to “Fracmont”, and you won’t regret it!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Sacrosanctus Primitivus
2. Fracmont
3. Mort al Dente
4. Urbi et Orbi
5. Singularity
6. Children of Faith
7. Dein Wille Geschehe
8. Miracle Far Beyond Disaster
9. My Flesh - Your Soul
10. Throne of Diabolic Heretics
Andy Kaina - Vocals
Brögi - Guitars
Patrick Hersche - Bass
Steve Karrer - Drums
Record Label: High Roller Records


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