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Messiah’s Kiss - Get Your Bulls Out! Award winner

Messiah’s Kiss
Get Your Bulls Out!
by MarcusTheRocker at 26 December 2014, 3:06 PM

Over the course of the past several months, I have reviewed a lot of albums that are from Europe and I’ve been able to deduce that each country in this continent each specialize in their own genre or genres. Sweden for example is good at Melodic Rock music and Germany is good at making Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music and the latter country just so happens to be the feature of this review and the band I shall be reviewing is called MESSIAH’S KISS.

This German Hard Rock quintet have a new album out called “Get Your Bulls Out!” and you can probably guess from the title what this album is going to be about but more on that in a bit. Originally hailing from the Dinslaken part of Germany, this quintet formed in 2001 and have a total of 4 studio albums (including their new one) under their belt.

Their new release “Get Your Bulls Out!” sounds like an album that is all about no-nonsense Hard Rock as you can tell from the album title alone, that it will be just that but is it? Is the title a give away to what this album is all about and if it is, does it rock hard and kick you in the nuts? That’s what I am here to discover.

From the moment the album opens up, it’s clear that from the first chord struck that this is going to be an album full of insane in your face melodies and sure enough that is exactly what it is. “Living in Paradise” is the opener for this record and it’s hard to believe that something as insane as this has come out of Germany. I mean I know the Germans are good at creating Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music, but with something like this, you’d think it sounds like it should belong over in the USA as it reminds me of bands like STRIKER but you know, thinking about it now, what I just said does not really matter as I love this as this one song alone gives you a clear idea of just what MESSIAH’S KISS are all about.

From the moment the first track ends, the insanity continues throughout the rest of the record as each song is full of loud melodies, fast guitar solos, aggressive and awesome sounding riffs, pounding drum beats, some pretty groovy bass lines and a powerful vocal performance that is not ashamed to make itself known. These elements are clearly present to the ears of the listener on songs such as “Rescue Anyone, Rescue Me”, “Fuel for Life”, “Symphony of Sin”, “Whisper a Prayer” and “Without Forgiveness”.

Anything for me to nitpick about? Well nothing that’s worth really mentioning as even if there are any faults, they are so minute, it just does not matter at the end of the day as this is by far one of the most insane Hard Rock releases I have heard this year and I am going to liken MESSIAH’S KISS to the Canadian Heavy Metal band STRIKER as both seem to follow and use a very similar formula and although I did like the new STRIKER album when I heard it, I think this style and formula works better for MESSIAH’S KISS.

Verdict time now and as I mentioned above, this is one of the most insane Hard Rock albums I have heard this year and that’s just the way I like it as there isn't a single thing I dislike about this album as it’s loud, hard rocking and full of some pretty insane songs and melodies that will stick with you for a long time to come and every time you listen to it, you better prepare to have your balls grabbed and kicked hard as “Get Your Bulls Out!” by MESSIAH’S KISS does what it says on the tin.

4 Star Rating

1. Livin in Paradise
2. Immortal Memory
3. Rescue Anyone, Rescue Me
4. Survivor
5. Time To Say Goodbye
5. Only Murderers Kill Time
6. Fuel For Life
7. Mission To Kill
8. Symphony Of Sin
9. Nobody Knows Your Name
10. Who’s The First To Die
11. Whisper A Prayer
12. Without Forgiveness
13. Buried Alive
14. Only Murderers Kill Time (Acoustic Version) (Digipak Bonus Track)
15. It’s No Good (Digipak Bonus Track)
Mike Tirelli - Vocals
Jason Banks - Guitars, Vocals
Georg Kraft - Guitars
Wayne Banks - Bass, Vocals
Eckhard Ostra - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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