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Messiah Kiss - Metal (CD)

Messiah Kiss
by Makis Kirkos at 01 July 2004, 5:40 AM

The German based Messiah's Kiss is actually a re-incarnation of 80's Heavy Metal band Repression replacing original lead singer Jorg Gast with none other than Mike Tirelli of Holy Mother and Burning Starr repute.
Prayer for the Dying, the debut album of the band saw the light of day in August 2002 and was greeted with enthusiastic reviews worldwide by the music press, online fanzines and relevant radio shows.
Their new release, Metal, featuring the band's typical double bass rhythms, clear-cut guitar riffs and straightforward hooks, appeared to have hit a nerve in the true metal community. The ingredients have been selected with care, and even sleeve artwork, the band's name and song title don't allow any other conclusions: Messiah's Kiss specialize in traditional heavy metal in a very contemporary sonic outfit.
We all grew up with the great Eighties metal acts, mainly Judas Priest and Iron Maiden from the UK and Accept from Germany, drummer Eckhard Ostra points out. We do what we love to do and what we do best: true fuckin' heavy metal! That's how we want you to write it, that's how we want you to hear it. Well if you ask me, these guys are true to their statements. Metal is simply well played heavy metal music, having nothing really spectacular.
13 metal tracks prove in no uncertain terms what the second Messiah's Kiss release is about: Pure Marshall power and drums without a trigger system instead…handmade, honest and dripping with sweat. Production made by Nikolo Kotzev (Brazen Abbot, Nostradamus) and I have to say I am not impressed. Sounds a bit flat but it's above average, although in my opinion the bass guitar is higher than it should be.
My favorite tracks are Holy Waters, Angels and the semi-ballad Tears In The Rain, not least thanks to a powerful performance done by a Bulgarian vocalist Amalia, who makes the track a highlight thanks to her duet with Mike Tirelli. Run And Hide, Metal 'Til We Die, The Edge Of Eternity and Blackhawk are only waiting to be performed in front of an audience.
I feel like I really have to tell you about Dog Idols…What in the hell is this song? For 1 minute and 45 seconds all you hear is a dog barking. Recommended for dog lovers or for everybody who is looking for a way to get rid of some cats in his backyard. Despite the fact that SPV celebrate Messiah's Kiss second album, you don't have to be over-enthusiastic. Yes, it's pure heavy metal tunes, but that's actually all it is.
Overall, Metal is a respectable sequence of the band's first album but I don't see any improvements though. The band is heading straight for the hearts of traditional heavy metal aficionados, nothing more. If you miss some 80's heavy metal music in the way that Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Accept tought us then give it a try.

3 Star Rating

Uncaging Rebellion
Metal 'til We Die
Fight Or Fall
Holy Waters
Hell Or Victory
Tears In The Rain
Run And Hide
Road To Exxtasy
The Edge Of Eternity
Dog Idol
Mike Tirelli - Vocals
Georg Kraft - Guitar
Alexander Hitz - Guitar
Andreas Roschak - Bass
Eckhard Ostra - Drums)
Record Label: SPV


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