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Messina - Terrortory (Reissue)

Terrortory (Reissue)
by Craig “Thrashing” Rider at 24 November 2016, 10:52 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns to present to you: MESSINA, signed to Divebomb Records; hailing from the Netherlands…performing Thrash Metal - and on their long-awaited 2 disc compilation album entitled: “Terrortory”.

Since formation in 1988, MESSINA have not been entirely active; as ASSASSIN from 1984-1988…they had to change their name due to another German quintet with the same name. “Terrortory” being their only release in 1990, the quartet soon disbanded 2 years after that in 1992. Fast-forward 15 years later, the band decide to re-release said album with an additional, “The Early Years” of ASSASSIN. With METALLICA's “Hardwired…To Self Destruct” record out this week; I'm quite literally blown away by the amount of content the thrashing community has to offer…and that I have to deal with. Not that I'm complaining…as it's a good bloody year to be a thrasher let me tell you…this here release is no exception. 2 discs filled with pure unadulterated thrash makes this maniac one happy thrasher; the cover depicts a typical old-school style of Metal that's going to thrash your noggin's; that's very certain.

Consisting of Chris Ploegmakers, who showcases typical old-school vocals in similar style to that of 80s METALLICA, TOXIC HOLOCAUST…among with instrumentation qualities that mimics these bands with consistency to the sub-genre. Julian van den Berg on guitars furiously composes complex riffery that shows dexterity in his repertoire of killer licks at his disposal; similarly found with Erik Derijks on guitars, elements powerful efficiency to explosive jams that at times have old-school TESTAMENT renditions here and there. The pummeling powerhouse of Erik Derijks on drums and Carlo van Nistelrooy on bass, also showcase flair in consistent rhythmic attention to detail. Keep in mind, “Terrortory” is nothing but a re-release with old ASSASSIN material so if you already own said record; there's nothing new there, however…a 2nd disc of unreleased bonus material from “The Early Years” of the band might tickle your fancy…veterans.

On top of additional bonus material, there is also 6 live tracks for consistent fulfillment. As ASSASSIN, 12 songs comprise of disc 1, “Gonna Leave Her”, “Eye Of The Tornado”, & “Die In 'Nam” begin the album with an enjoyable introduction…some noteworthy riffs and atmospheric thrashing plague this portion. As well with heavy-hitters “Utopia”, “Roaming 'N Roving”, & “Shattered Dreams”. With a memorable sound production and genius song writing, all united with masterful proficiency to making this record an original yet unique balance that thrashers alike should favor. “One Night Romance”, “Becapsus”, & “Kill (Or Be Killed)” end this disc with exquisite motivation that, while blown away with the content, I'm yet excited to dive into a 2nd disc of the main attraction that is MESSINA & 1st record that is “Terrortory”. The Live tracks sound magnificently solid and stellar while the main album delivers similar brilliance.

Messina”, “Attempted Suicide”, & “Nothing Will Change” begin this disc with cunning array of elegant distinctions of galloping instrumentation; crushing boundaries and following suit to classy musicianship of thrashing motives. “Terrortory”, “Who's For Dinner”, & “Drop Dead” cites a more similar approach with more aggression while inducing more atmospheric excitement. “Deathrow”, “Ritual Killings”, & “The Commencement” all valued everything aforementioned, yet with a more energetic fixture to fully guarantee on getting your fix of thrashing elegance of fulfillment. And so “Murder In The First Degree” concludes the record with a breath-taking finale, while evidently providing stunning content for newbies and veterans alike. …all in all, if you're a thrasher or just here to find that unprecedented discovery…look no further, as you're getting 2 discs worth of enjoyable yet mental music at your disposal.

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 9
Originality: 8
Sound Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Messina
2. Attempted Suicide
3. Nothing Will Change
4. Terrortory
5. Who's For Dinner
6. Drop Dead
7. Deathrow
8. Ritual Killings
9. The Commencement
10. Murder In The First Degree (Bonus Track)
Live (Demo - 1989)
11. Die In 'Nam (Live)
12. Murder In The First Degree (Live)
13. The Quest (Live)
14. Eye Of The Tornado (Live)
15. Deathrow (Live)
16. Wings Of War (Live)
Disc 2. ASSASSIN (The Early Years)
Murder in the First Degree” (Demo -1988)
1. Gonna Leave Her
2. Eye Of The Tornado
3. Die In 'Nam
Cease Fire” (Demo - 1987)
4. Utopia
5. Roaming 'N Roving
6. Shattered Dreams
7. Lay Down
8. T.N.S. (Part 1)
Mission Completed” (Demo - 1986)
9. Thoughts Of Vengeance
10. One Night Romance
11. Becapsus
12. Kill (Or Be Killed)
Carlo van Nistelrooy - Bass
Richard Zopfi - Drums
Erik Derijks - Guitars
Julian van den Berg - Guitars
Chris Ploegmakers - Vocals
Record Label: Divebomb Records


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