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Metacrose - Interrogate Award winner

by Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan at 18 February 2014, 3:25 PM

Death / Thrash Metal… that's what it says here… ok… Well as I damn hate labels… I took this on its own merit. So acoustic guitar, flute, cello, ambient sounds akin to  operatic overtures of those Nordic cousins we love so, cinematic themes, Thrash chuggs and tempos, Death growls and belly curses, that shit is all over this thing, so should they be put in a box? I say nah… They are Death, they are Thrash but these guys seem to go further than that. I have to say, this album? I love it.

Born in 1998 in Joao Pessoa, METACROSE grew out of the underground and are part of a counter culture of the city…OK but where are they from? Brazil of course, why of course? Because Brazil is producing some of the most authentic and interesting Metal that's been heard in a long time, for many reasons but maybe also because the world has turned and they have caught up to what we forgot we were all so good at some years ago. Here it's about labels selling your shirts for 28 bucks or more and paying you onto giant tour supports or paying you into pages in magazines, there it's still coming screaming at you from the dirt and grime of the underclass which gives it a bursting heart and that is shit you cannot fake. This is the first full album since they released the 4 track, ''Trevas Abissais'' in 2003 and their 4th released product in total. In fact their 2011 release ''Eternal Fire'' features 2 tracks which have found their way onto ''Interrogate''. So let's get to the album.

The first thing you notice is almost all of the titles on ''Interrogate'' are questions. That's because they are on a mission to ask and to make you ask, what the hell are we letting them do to us, what the fuck is going on and where do we fit in. The album is produced by METACROSE and Victor Hugo Targino and what a great job they did. ''What's wrong with Killing?'' opens the album… and is a slab of Thrash and Death balled up and spat at you with great intensity. ''What's wrong with Killing?'' or ''What's wrong with Killing?'' make sure you get it… METACROSE blend thought and grit so well it feels quite fresh like a good cold breath. ''Is this Democracy?'' coming from Brazil and seeing how they feel about the current spend on the World Cup and Olympics while people still suffer poverty from their government, well the question they ask here is not surprising, the track is delivered with bile and protest, with very exciting riffs and such a powerful potency… from the opening chants, I found myself up on a chair screaming, yeah fuck you, you Tory bastard!!! ''How Can I know who I am?'' comes next and a very METALLICA type acoustic intro that soon gets pushed up against a wall face first and beaten around the head with my top track on this cool album… Fast, sharp, deep, heavy… it's like being on a rollercoaster… and there even some keys, in there for good measure but not how you think. and by the end of the song, I struggled to know who the fuck I was… so it works…

''Are You the Truth?'' great guitar harmonies layer this song, there is a grand feel, again a touch of Black Northern Metal and an epic feel and it closes at the end with a complete resplendent feel.., just wicked. ''What is Established?'' thundering drum opening and then a trance like riff and a death growl vocals followed but a groove from the text book of groove… I hear BATHORY, again (yes I heard him earlier but hate constant comparisons just to sound cool, that's all bollocks)… what can I say… and I love that… because then it twist away again into pure METACROSE.

''Ze do Caixao'' 6 minutes and 66 seconds long… hey wait..666? Lol. Anyway this song is METACROSE tribute to Coffine Joe, a 50 year old horror film character and it also features the Sao Paulo born film director, Jose Mojica Marins (Ze do Caixao). It's a fun track like a classic horror movie, it feels black and white. ''Interiorem'' and jumping ahead to its sister closer, ''Exteriorem'', calm delicate, classical songs both.., in and out yes but why was ''Interiorem'' not the opener? They wanted a better impact perhaps but… they needn't have worried… METACROSE deliver on all fronts anyway. These 2 pieces of music… wander through nylon stringed classical guitar phrases as well as standard amidst a mix of Cello, and flute, there is a very Brazilian  feel to these… that's the real roots showing… and they are very cool additions too.

''Just Enough Rope'' doesn't compromise at all, temped up and a slashing riff, it feels embittered and pointed… A heartbeat bring us to ''Why Should He Live?'' nice use of counter rhythm against main riff and then boom we are off… double bass drums follows the counter patterns and pushes and pulls you back and forth… bouncing the listener up and down… and you can just see this live…where it will live perfectly… The deeper lyrical meaning? Ah just let it go coz this fucking track Kills… just enjoy it… and when you hear his breath out…. with your headphones on… don't panic, he's not quite dead yet… Oh and did I forget to mention the album also features a guest spot from Marcus Siepen of BLIND GUARDIAN.

This band are great on all fronts… including all performances… thank you Brazil, thank you Metal and thank you METACROSE  for a great evenings listening. All hail!

What can I say? I love it… get it!

4 Star Rating

1. What's wrong with Killing?
2. Is this Democracy?
3. How can I know who I am?
4. Are You the Truth?
5. What is Established?
6. Ze do Caixao
7. Interiorem
8. Just Enough Rope
9. Why Should He Live?
10. Exteriorem
Vinicius Laurindo - Vocals
Israel Remora - Guitar
Deathmetrius- Drums
Marcs  Meireles– Bass
Thiago Bandeira– Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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