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Metal Church - Generation Nothing

Metal Church
Generation Nothing
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 07 October 2013, 7:05 PM

Pinning for former days, attempting to adjust to the new surroundings, contemplating on prospective happenings and courses of action or mainly criticizing the current status of society and its ailments and sicknesses? It is positive that the older generation of folks has their fair share of arguments and disappointments regarding this present generation’s perception of the social order and how its comportment has been impacting upon its segments. However, it is also possible the new generation isn’t to blame in full for its state of affairs as the system that has been nourishing it with enough poison to trigger its meltdown, a process that has been proving itself to occur. So who is really nothing here? The generation or may it be the system? I believe that we have quite a dilemma on our hands. The highly expected comeback, at least by yours truly, by the veteran US Heavy / Power Metal social critics of METAL CHURCH, raised a quandary that should be dealt with in real life, following the band’s new album, “Generation Nothing”, via Rat Pak Records. The sparking echoes and sounds of the 80’s Metal stroll right through this Metal heart, society should be aware that the Church is back in the Metal business.

Shortly reading the info regarding this brand new release, before punching the play button on the opening tune, elevated my expectancy rate in quite an extent. On a personal note, METAL CHURCH, along with VICIOUS RUMORS, has been my favorite band of the US Metal genre for many years, their legacy influenced my musical perspective and chosen direction, filling me with the desire to follow their lead. On the other hand, and I will be a straight up shooter right about now, my expectations fell a bit behind, loosely short, as METAL CHURCH with “Generation Nothing” weren’t able to actually amaze my senses as I would have really liked them to. According to Kurdt Vanderhoof, the band’s guitarist and founding member, this ride was supposed to be mainly influenced by the debut and sophomore records of the band. These two albums, “Metal Church” and “The Dark” have been considered as milestones in the development of Speed / Power / Thrash Metal, and US Metal in general. Therefore, knowing there is something here than just promotion, I rejoiced over that notion and as promised, and METAL CHURCH conveyed.

The band’s musical direction on “Generation Nothing” appeared to be clinging to the early days, jamming upon old glories and for that you won’t find any arguments here. The material inhibits the band’s rather one-dimensional riffery nature, which has been relatively prolific, largely a punch through the face with a dosage of anger hailing out of the maw of the raspy and high register vocals. Sailing through the midst of proto US Power Metal with bruises of Thrash and Speed elements, METAL CHRUCH offered the crunchy desolators of “Generation Nothing”, “Bullet Proof”, “Jump The Gun” and “Scream”, massively attributing to the 80’s US Metal old iron guard with an impressive straightforwardness. Several of their proceedings might have been timidly obvious, but it has been the band’s natural milk and butter for their entire career, therefore I believe that it would be a crime to disparage them for that. “The Media Horse” had me recollecting the band’s “Weight Of The World” track. It shares the same awesome vibe of straight up mid tempo Heavy Metal, eagerly easy to comprehend with its main riff and modest drum and bass. Ronny Munroe might not be the memory David Wayne (R.I.P.), but his voice quality harbors so much desire and it seems natural for him to be this band’s front center. METAL CHURCH tried their luck with an epic track, “Noises In The Wall”. Generally, it consisted of several intriguing riffs, melodic in direction, several IRON MAIDENish rhythm section, passionate vocal line and a classic debut album driven passage closer to the song’s final moments. However, it felt to me like two songs entwined together, a bit awkward.

It can be inferred that METAL CHURCH, in conjunction with an old school modernly made sound engineering to fit the band’s older image, sent me back to their golden era but at the same time also referred me to their weaker days of the late 90’s. Though my own cravings for another barrage of outstanding old US Metal that driven me for overwhelming anticipations, METAL CHURCH’s “Generation Nothing” turned out to be a good record on my bill, far from being a clincher like their 80’s era, but possibly a formed build up. 

3 Star Rating

1. Bullet Proof
2. Dead City
3. Generation Nothing
4. Noises In The Wall
5. Jump The Gun
6. Suiciety
7. Scream
8. Hits Keep Comin'
9. Close To The Bone
10. The Media Horse
Kurdt Vanderhoof - Guitars
Ronny Munroe - Vocals
Rick Van Zandt - Guitars
Jeff Plate - Drums
Steve Unger - Bass
Record Label: Rat Pak Records


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