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Metal Cross - Metal Cross

Metal Cross
Metal Cross
by Anamaria Carla Ionita at 22 January 2015, 10:50 AM

METAL CROSS is a heavy metal band from Randers, Denmark. They released two demos – “Crucifying The Virgins” (1986) and “M.A.D.H.O.U.S.E.” (1989). In between their releases, Danish metal heads had a compilation album called “Metal Outlet” (1987) which featured fellow bands such as ROYAL FLUSH, APOCALYPSE, GAIN AND MARION.

Horror Records reunited everything METAL CROSS recorded it and the result is this 12” album anthology, available in black vinyl and limited edition silver/ black vinyl versions.

LP1 features both of those demos and the two “Metal Outlet” compilation tracks, while LP2 contains material recorded live at the Kulturhuset in Randers, Denmark on the 16th December 1989. There is also a bonus 7” featuring two additional live tracks.

I have listened to this compilation twice as many times as I usually do when reviewing an album. Why you ask? Cause I kept trying to find something to say about it, good or bad… anything, I failed miserably. The only ‘word’ that comes to mind when trying to describe, “Metal Cross” is ‘meh’. It is a congeries of old school tracks that have no spark at all … blank: some okay guitars with a really lame voice and a ‘sort-of’ heavy metal rhythm.

Kudos for the band that they kept ‘playing’ for all these years, but that’s it, the material is (in my opinion, of course) worthless.  There might have been some potential there but they were far too uninspired.

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LP 1:

"Crucifying The Virgins" demo 1986:

1.Metal Cross
2.Crucifying The Virgins
3.With Heart And Honour
4.Waiting For The Dawn
5.Feed The World

"Metal Outlet" compilation LP 1987:

6.The Evil Eye
7.Call For The Children

"M.A.D.H.O.U.S.E." demo 1988:

8.Circus On Fire
10.April 27th

LP 2:

Live at Kulturhuset, Randers, Denmark 16/12-1989:

11.Intro: Also Sprach Zarathustra
12.The Evil Eye
13.The Scarlet Letter
14.Circus On Fire
15.Written In The Sand
16.Vernal Equinox
18.Losers Of The Earth
19.Fall Of Cimbria
20.Call For The Children
21.Iron Bars

Live at Kulturhuset, Randers, Denmark 16/12-1989:

22.Crucifying The Virgins

Live at Folkerumssalen/Værket, Randers, Denmark10/02-1989:

Henrik “Faxe” Kjellerup – Vocals
Ole Quist – Bass
Michael Hartmann – Guitars
Jon Lybæk – Guitars
Peter Mogensen – Drums
Record Label: Horror Records


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