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Metal Cross - Soul Ripper

Metal Cross
Soul Ripper
by John Foley at 10 May 2022, 5:29 AM

Written and recorded during 2020 and released in February 2022 “Soul Ripper” marks the first full length album from Denmark’s very own METAL CROSS since the 1980’s. Their debut E.P came out all the way back in the mid 80’s. The band reunited back 2014 to play the Metal Magic VII festival and opened for ROTTEN CHRIST and APTILERY in 2019. So lets dive in and see what this album is all about. The clock starts ticking as the riffs hit and here we got the first track with “My Time”. Right from the start you can hear that there is a lot of energy here and it is a real headbanging tune. The vocals come in to show the song where to go and there is even a guitar solo that rips right through the song and then into a breakdown. This really packs a punch as the track then takes a bit of a sinister turn. The cool riffs come back though to close the song out.

Next up is the title track “Soul Ripper” which has the bass and drums helping to build it up which then has the guitars come in the back it up. This tune has a real nice groove to it and there is a lot going on here but it stays interesting. The bass playing really shines here and the guitars have a lot of style to them with a solo that is really cool and fits the song well. After that we have “Written in the Sand” and this one has a real old school sound to it with an epic sounding lead guitar line. You can hear that this is building to something big. Some cool guitar harmonies present too and this is just an awesome song. It changes up a bit and goes somewhere frantic. The guitar solo is really cool and a little bluesy which then switches to full on shred and onto an evil sounding breakdown. Really enjoyed this one.

With some epic sounding riffs to kick things off we got the track “Memento Mori”. This one has a nice pace as the song thunders on. So many old school vibes here which makes for this to be a really cool song as there are so many great riffs to be found here. There is a nice chorus here that does the job and a breakdown that hits from out of nowhere. The bass really comes through the mix with the guitars complementing the melody. We are then back to business again to leave us out with some dualing guitars a killer solo.

“Vernal Equinox” is the albums final assault and is going to be a big one. The track really packs a punch as it builds and pulls you in. The song switches up throughout and there are some really good sections to be found here. There are of course lots of headbanging moments here too like the galloping middle section. A guitar solo just tears right through the tune and the riffs bring it back and stomp along and lead us to a big finish.

METAL CROSS have a lot of energy that can be heard all over “Soul Ripper”. There are plenty of cool riffs and sections all over this album. From listening you can tell that all this would make for a great live setting. There are a lot going on in the songs but it stays interesting and keeps you hooked. You can hear that the band has lots of different influences and styles as they come through in the songs. The production on this is great and you can hear every instrument very clearly. I loved this, “Soul Ripper” is a great album.

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 7
Musicianship: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. My Time
2. Soul Ripper
3. Written in the Sand
4. Fall of Cimbria
5. Distasteful Party
6. Memento Mori
7. The Drone
8. Vernal Equinox
Esben Fosgerau Juhl – Vocals
John Lybaek – Guitar and Vocals
Michael Hartmann – Guitar
Ole Quist – Bass
Peter Mogensen – Drums and Vocals
Record Label: From the Vaults


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