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Metal Law - Lawbreaker (Reissue)

Metal Law
Lawbreaker (Reissue)
by Tomer "Tommy-Foxx" Darmon at 27 May 2013, 12:36 PM

Here come the crusaders of Heavy Metal, METAL LAW, straightforward uncompromising Heavy Metal influenced by 80s Metal legends that the most Metalheads grew up on. Probably one of the most noticeable influences that I can hear here is the MANOWAR inspiration especially by Karsten Deling’s singing. The songs are full of melodies and anthems, high quality even but unfortunately the production and engineering ruined the listening experience.

What is so weird is the fact that this is a re-release of "Lawbreaker" and by far the album suffered from liquefied bass on each song, it is almost as if in the mix process the engineer forgot to turn on the bass while working. I enjoyed the songs, very traditional Heavy Metal, sounds like MANOWAR meets JUDAS PRIEST. The guitar solos are so brilliant, you can hear nice duel guitar attacks on a song such as "Between Dark and Light". "Open The Gates Of Hell" is my favorite song, very powerful and heavy, reminding a little bit of IRON MAIDEN by its guitar style of playing with the galloping rhythms.

The self-title track "Metal Law" is a mere Heavy Metal anthem, very easy to love and get attached to. "Heavy Metal Is Forever" for some will serve as a cliché but for others it's a way of life and by this song I guess that METAL LAW stick to it with all their believes, tight guitars, straight drumming, and evil type singing that made it so old school like the early Metal days. I thought that the band would be putting put some more effort in the bonus tracks by the extra studio work, yet those, as the others, sounded awful while taking out all the desire of listening.

The whole album package is ok, the songs are pure Heavy Metal but it is so shameful that I didn't enjoy from the tracks just because of a shitty production.

3 Star Rating

1. Legacy of Knights (intro)
2. Crusaders of Light
3. Right to Rock
4. Lawbreaker
5. Between Dark to Light
6. Heroes Never Dies
7. Open the Gates of Hell
8. Metal Law
9. The Carvan
10. Heavy Metal is Forever
11. Mirrors
12. Metal or Die
13. Raise Your Fist
Karsten Degling  - Vocals / Guitar
Nicolas Rotter - Guitar
Christoph Kleinwächter  - Bass
Maximilian Schulz  - Drums
Record Label: Metal On Metal Records


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