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Metal Scent - Homemade Award winner

Metal Scent
by Tomer "Tommy-Foxx" Darmon at 02 November 2011, 1:32 PM

METAL SCENT is already a well known name in the Israeli Metal scene, they have playing for several years and went under many transformations, which included different band members. Now they are starting to get their deserved reputation. “Homemade” is their third album. Their first album combined Metal music with Middle Eastern elements and served as a tribute duet album that involved successful Israeli guest appearances singing ten Israeli Middle Eastern famous songs. Their second album included nostalgic American songs with a few original material songs. The release of “Homemade” came along right after the band arrived back to Israel from an international tour in the Ukraine and Georgia.

METAL SCENT’s new album brings you traditional Heavy Metal with several directions. I could hear the Hard Rock roots mixed with a unique Middle Eastern sound next to heavier Metal riffages. Yaniv Aboudy, a talented guitar player that provided his Death Metal influences, along with Dror Yakar, an amazing Hard Rock guitarist. Both kept on the old school spirit together while being responsible to the crazy guitar attack. Drummer Ronny Zee, which did an interesting work in the album and played with the biggest names around the world including TESTAMENT and had the luck to be auditioned in OZZY OSBOURNE’s band. Bassist Shahar Cohen was the guiding machine that kept the rhythm section rolling with finesse.

The first thing that you will notice on the album is the voice of Rami Salmon. He is the ultimate Ronnie James Dio, an incredible singer with such a wide range, high and low, that will take you to a Heavy Metal journey through the 80's till today. This will surely leave you speechless. His singing on "Coast To Coast", just as a mere example is one of his best of works filled with a scent of war.

METAL SCENT's uniqueness is being expressed as knowing how to combine different directions in music to one hell of masterpiece. The songs basically rely on a melodic nature with great harmonies as on "Inner Light", a great ballad that getting heavier and developed to a perfect harmony of Heavy Metal. "Riders Of The Night" is one of their finest songs, the amazing drum work of will blow your mind while the vocals challenged his high note pitch ability. ”All You Want" is a high speed driven rocking song that will break your neck with nonstop headbanging. "No Other Way" got the acoustic guitars that present a Rock N' Roll driven rhythm aside to Middle Eastern motives mixture to a Heavy Metal. "Visions" start with a cool oriental guitar licks that enters a strong heavy guitars riff that describes them in the best of ways. "Hold On" sounds more commercial than the other songs but it is bound by roots of evil and has mean rhythm guitar riffs that slip into a melodic sweeping chorus that will push you to sing along with the band.

METAL SCENT exhibits a great professional work, you can't be wrong here, each musician is a talented. You will notice it as each and every one of them brings his own world. The band has a distinctive sound and that is what making them so different than others. From oriental Middle Eastern tunes to Heavy Metal crossing into acoustic Hard Rock through some extremer elements down the road. METAL SCENT will leave you with a taste for more smelling the scent of Metal. 

4 Star Rating

1.Never Too Late To say Goodbye
2.Hold On
3.Men Of War
4.Coast To Coast
5.Silks Of White
6.Spy In The Sky
7.Inner Light
9.Riders Of The Night
10.All You Want
11.No Other Way
12.The Voice
14.Everybody's Gone
15.Time Has Come
Ronny Zee– Drums
Dror Yakar - Guitars
Rami Salmon – Vocals
Yaniv Aboudy – Guitars
Shahar Cohen  - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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