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Metal Law - Lawbreaker (CD)

Metal Law
by Maria Kallinikou at 01 December 2008, 8:49 AM

METAL LAW is a German band formed in 1997 under the name REUDIG, which changed later to RAPID FIRE until they settled with their current name. In 2004, still as REUDIG, they self released their first CD Hunter And Prey and in 2007 (from Battlecry Records) their official debut album Night Of The Wolf came out. Now they're back with Lawbreaker from Metal On Metal Records.

So, What's this album about? The MANOWAR influence and some RUNNING WILD outbreaks overflow in here, plus that all the tracks have a MAIDEN-like solo. It may sound optimal but it isn't. Just adding elements from effective bands to release an effective album is not the ultimate formula. These guys apart from their music influences, as you can get from the track tittles, they have made a lyric-montage of the worst kind. Just a quick example, to understand what I mean: ..defenders of steel the fear of the dark the priest is running wild… We are the Metal law we fight for the Metal and hope you too…. Bloody Hell!!!!

The Legacy Of Knights intro was promising and as moving to Crusaders Of Light it was like somebody put a tablecloth on the speakers, and gradually the sound went better again. The vocals/instruments ratio needed some attention, and in some parts the melodies don't match or they change quite suddenly. It is a pity, because one gets that the band HAS potential, if only they overcome that the solos are not Malmsteen-like and that high-pitched vocals don't resemble Eric Adams'. The music would be far better if they did not try so hard to convince us that they got the feeling and the attitude, which is not totally there after all.
Hence, the grade:

2 Star Rating

Legacy Of Knights (intro)
Crusaders Of Light
Right To Rock
Between Dark And Light
Heroes Never Die
Open The Gates Of Hell
Metal Law
The Caravan
Heavy Metal Is Forever
Karsten Degling - Vocals, Guitar
Thomas Parchen - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Michael Dobbertin - Bass, Backing Vocals
Ingo Creί - Drums
Record Label: Metal On Metal Records


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