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Metal Majesty - This Is Not A Drill (CD)

Metal Majesty
This Is Not A Drill
by Grigoris Chronis at 15 December 2004, 7:30 PM

It's a weird thing… Bands or artists completely unknown to one country, to be able to achieve huge success on the other side of the world, coming from another country - remember the recent TMG case? Anyway, judging from the band's name someone should fairly expect the dragon-meets-sword-meets-warpath-meets-steel kind of Metal. Still, you can jump to another review to have your pure Metal shot (e.g. try this one great latest release). Especially, since there's nothing special to write about this AOR/Pomp-influenced release…
For anyone that is aware of the melodic Rock band Valensia, mainman Aldous Byron Valensia Clarkson (from The Netherlands, living in Spain) is behind this project. Valensia released the mutli-selling successful single Gaia in 1993 (sold over 1,000,000 units globally) and - as usual - Japan adored him/them bringing tons of success to every one of the band's releases. Now, in This Is Not A Drill, things are as follows:
The album is full of well-written, well-performed and well-produced melodies supported by Valencia's remarkable - I have to admit - voice. End of the pros. This Queen-based light-pomp/AOR style is so boring after the third track that it seems like a century 'till the CD screen display stops counting… Hmm… Well, let's make an update: the band's music is not Queen-based, it seems more to my ears as Queen-copied (check the vocals and the integration of the melodies' sequence). Valensia borrows a lot of the legendary UK quartet's elements, mixes them with a little bit of US Hard Rock (late 80's Styx and Whitesnake, maybe?) and offers a bunch of tunes with no authenticity.
Can't judge the artist's career in general, but surely this CD has not brought my inner world into a mode of desire tp start searching his entire discography. Thus, if you're SO addicted to that style you won't be betrayed - again mentioned, musicians and production are in a very good level. Still,  This Is Not A Drill is not even notable to me.

2 Star Rating

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Valensia (Aldous Byron Valencia Clarkson) - Vocals & All Instruments
David Clarkson - Drums
Record Label: Lion Music


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