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Metal Message - V (CD)

Metal Message
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 19 August 2009, 10:51 PM

This is one of the rare cases where METAL TEMPLE is called to write an opinion about a release that has already seen the light of the day and comes without the promo tag outside the cover. In fact, this release has reached the stores in the late of 2008 and now that I think a little more, this is the first time our mag is dealing with such an 'old' album.
Well, V is not an actual album but a compilation comprising thirteen tracks that belong to the Pagan / Viking Folk Metal genres. The nice thing about this gathering is that it mostly deals with underground bands. Personally, -who I am not an expert on this scene- I only knew WAYLANDER from their album Reawakening Pride Once Lost album. Since I am fond of this very interesting branch of Metal music I found this compilation a more than nice introduction to bands that are working their way out from the underground boundaries. Ok, not all the songs here are must-listen but there are some that could entice the interest of the listener. Just like the Slovan band HROMOVLAD and their Slavia war-like song. The repetitive flute melody is simply addictive and fits perfect to the Black Metal-esque vocals that justifies the word 'war' in the music description. DARK FOREST is a really nice treat since it belongs to the primitive side of the scene with a hearty BATHORY groove that looks over their Hammerheart era. TIWAZ sound closer to the Viking side of Folk Metal with the trademark let's-sing-together lyrics but also reveal some RUNNING WILD influences in the rhythm guitars. VINTERNATT introduce some SKYCLAD influences in the violin leads while the German band OBSCURITY looks over AMON AMARTH's side presenting solid riffs and very good drum work. Apart from my comments, I believe that there is more to discover from listening these tracks and you may find yourself lucky enough to 'discover' a new band for your album collection.
The CD comes in 2000 copies inside a DVD casing with impressive artwork by Ed Repka and a very good booklet with 'Folk' photos beside every band's promo pic. I think this booklet would be more useful if it had some bio info about each band apart from the e mail address and the website link.
So, if you are in the mood to broaden you knowledge on the Folk Metal scene then V is the best way to do it. After all it is a nice item for any die-hard collector…

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Helias Bann - FIMBULVET
Kochevonov Plyas - TUMULUS
Journey To Ever-Eternal Skies - DARK FOREST
The Battlelore - TIWAZ
Im Auge Des Sturms - DYRATHOR
No Pazo Derruido Da Existencia - XERION
Sons Of The Damned - ADORNED BROOD
As Deities Clash - WAYLANDER
Volkskracht - NATAN
Miasma Track - ANDRAS
Nach Asgard Wir Reiten - OBSCURITY
De Zwarte Mis - VINTERNATT


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