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Metalforce - Metalforce (CD)

by Grigoris Chronis at 10 November 2009, 5:24 PM

War, Metal and glory lyrics were once the epitome of a killer Heavy/Epic Metal band's offerings, and it's a shame the turn Metal music's got into criticizes - at times - such lyrics themes. We've seen it (nearly) all, now, e.g. acts having a couple of heavy guitars as the only thing in common with the archetypal axioms of our music being labeled as Metal acts of today (or tomorrow?) while countless other outfits holding high the spirit of Metal as we knew it sweat to overcome hilarious comments (to say the least). As long as the music spits fire - many others will cry out - any other factor is of minimal importance.
METALFORCE is the brainchild of Tarek Maghary, a musician already known to many 'true' Metal fans due to his works with MAJESTY and DAWNRIDER plus his involvement with Germany's Keep It True festival. Surely hailing his contribution to the development/support of a new generation of faithful Metal bands, fans and events keeping our beloved music's critical beliefs intact, I was never impressed by his deeds with any of the aforementioned bands. Here, in METALFORCE, Tarek follows a similar path and it's no wonder he's signed to Magic Circle Music, since what we listen to in METALFORCE's debut release is…
…a mix of 1987-1996 MANOWAR's glory (mainly) with RHAPSODY's epic volume (following, in little pieces). Add a portion of STORMWITCH's songwriting patterns, a little bit of the SACRED STEEL savagery and what is served surely has something to offer but - on the other hand - there's not much of a chance the conscious metalhead will be tied to after x auditions. I loved the sound, in general: not that pompous, with a clear 80s European Metal part, featuring some really impressive leads and boasting - in general - an honest aura destined to leave outside anyone not familiar with this specific style. Still, the songs - even if being quite solid - do no show capable of leaving you with your mouth open. Many parts are quite plain (not to say naive) and - having the loop MANOWAR's been into the last years in mind - sadly bring let-down thoughts to mind.
You will not find any fast parts - in general - in here, hence with 55 minutes of duration maybe some more speed would be appreciated. Good vocals from Tarek, with a heroic/narrative touch, simple keyboards layers pushing the 'epic' side of the band's music, choir vocal refrains like you've already known…and that's all. Not a bad album, not at all; but I feel METALFORCE - are they the next step for Tarek? - will end up where MAJESTY ended.

P.S. 1: Freedom Warriors debuted at the Magic Circle Festival II DVD.
P.S. 2: The guitar solo in When The Valkries Fly is courtesy of Ross The Boss.
P.S. 3: METALFORCE has recorded a song to celebrate Halloween. If you visit the band's official site you can download Halloween plus a printable CD jewel case cover artwork for free.

3 Star Rating


Faster, Louder, Metalforce
Freedom Warriors
I Rule The Night
Thunder And Lightning
Metal Crusaders
When The Valkries Fly
We Are The Fire
Melt Thy Steel   
Let The Battle Begin
Son Of The North
Tarek MS Maghary - Vocals
Tristan Visser - Guitar
Freddy Schartl - Bass
Jan Raddatz - Drums
Record Label: Magic Circle Music


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