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Metalian - Beyond the Wall Award winner

Beyond the Wall
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 08 November 2022, 2:29 PM

Old forms of Metal of the 80’s are being used more and more today, with some band just putting their efforts in what already exists; others with renewed forms of the old genres. But some are really doing something that deserves applause due the inner features of the band’s musical works. One of them is METALIAN, a quartet that hails from Canada (a country with a long tradition on Metal, mind you all), and what a very good work is shown on “Beyond the Wall”.

Their fourth release brings the band playing their personal form of Old School Speed/Heavy Metal filled with Hard Rock elements, something that is really different from the usual, once they prefer to write things on their own, even using older clichés. The influences inherited of acts as JUDAS PRIEST, VIRGIN STEELE, MOTÖRHEAD, TANK and others can be felt, but never in a way that diminish the band’s work. It’s full of energy, filled with melodic hooks and it’s really hard to resist.

The album was recorded and mixed by the hands of Ryan Battistuzzi at Le Stuzzio, Montreal. His efforts: to make something that can fit on actual models, but keeping the organic and ‘handmade’ feeling that the quartet’s music must bear. And it works in a great way, indeed, because everything can be understood without problems, but heavy and in a form that resembles a rehearsal due the spontaneous approach of the band.

METALIAN is really another excellent name of Old School Heavy Metal, and deserves applause due the excellent work presented on “Beyond the Wall”. But for those that are lazy and can’t absorb an album fully at first hearing, the right ones for a first experience can be said “March to the Death” (the firepower shown on the guitars arrangements, riffs and solos is amazing, balancing perfectly weight and melodies), “Motorhorse” (this one shows some accessible melodies, but with very good melodic arrangements), “Fire on the Road” (the clear influence of dirty Rock ‘n’ Roll inherited of Lemmy and his gang is clear on this one, with good melodic vocals and charming Metal Punk elements, with a solid set of tempos unleashed by bass guitar and drums), “Solar Winds” (a song with contrasts, from sad melodic ballad-like moments to heavier crescendos with excellent guitars once more), “Rise of the AI” (this one is another moment when proto-Thrash Metal elements arise, with many hooks of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock appearing), “Behind the Lies” (the fusion between Heavy Metal and Hard Rock elements can be fully heard one this one, but with some aggressive hooks), and “Cold Thunder”.

Well, it seems that another spearhead force of Old School Metal is arising in Canada, so hear what METALIAN expresses, and blow your ears to pieces!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. March to the Death
2. Motorhorse
3. Fire on the Road
4. Last Chance to Ride
5. Solar Winds
6. Rise of the AI
7. Beyond the Wall
8. Behind the Lies
9. Cold Thunder
10. Dark City
Ian Wilson - Vocals, Guitars
Simon Costa - Guitars
Andres Arango - Bass
Tony Cantara - Drums
Record Label: Temple of Mystery Records


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