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Metalite - Heroes in Time

Heroes in Time
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 05 January 2018, 7:48 AM

Modern Power Metal quintet METALITE formed in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2015, when guitarist Premberg met vocalist Bensing. “Heroes in Time” is the band’s debut full-length, and contains eleven tracks. Heavy electronica opens in “Afterlife,” with a combination of a Classic and Power Metal sound, reminding me of AMARANTHE without the harsh vocals. The production is clear and slick, allowing you to take in the richness of the sound. You gotta love keys to enjoy “Purpose of Life,” which fortunately I do. They give the track a futuristic quality and Emma’s vocals have a constant and steady presence, and are full in sound. The chorus is great—a melodious affair with drawn out notes and power. “The Hunter” has a slower pace, and a heavier riff, thudding down on the ground in unison with the drums. Lyrically it is more within the Power Metal genre, talking about “quests,” “fires,” “end of the world,” and “vengeance.” The keys in this song remain strong but work well with the guitars. It is really a pretty song.

The title track, “Heroes in Time,” is great. There is a lot of melody and harmony to go along with the energetic and lively sound, and a memorable chorus. “Power of Metal” would make for a good single on the album. It’s a strong anthem with appropriate lyrical content for the sound and an easy listening and persuasive song that pumps up the listener. Emma’s vocals are very versatile here as well. “The Light of Orion” definitely has an outer space feeling to it, especially with the astronaut like voice in the beginning and the dancing keyboards. It’s a glossy and shining track that transports you to another dimension. Hankering for a bit of a softer, more emotional song? Check out “In the Middle of the Night.” It’s an introspective song where the vocals vary from an alto to a soprano range. The harmonies in the chorus are on point as well.  “Black Horse Rider” is an engaging song with a lot of punch and vigor; the kind of song that played live would probably result in a lot of bouncing and fist pumping.

Closing the album is “The Great Force Within Us.” It has an accessible sound that is sprinkled with the fervor of Power Metal but also makes great use of melody and soundscapes that bring up imagery of mystical beings and great castles. Overall, this is an easy album to enjoy. Everything is presented very clearly and it’s one of the best production jobs I have heard in a while. The sound comes right up in your grill and stays there the entire time. Stylistically it really rides the fence between Pop, Power Rock/Metal like the band AMARANTHE, but again without harsh vocals. Fans of the brighter side of the genre will surely find it to their liking.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Afterlife
2. Purpose of Life
3. Nightmare
4. The Hunter
5. Heroes in Time
6. Power of Metal
7. Over and Done
8. The Light of Orion
9. In the Middle of the Night
10. Black Horse Rider
11. The Great Force within Us
Emma Bensing - Vocals
Edwin Premberg - Guitar
Robert Örnesved - Guitar
Robert Majd - Bass
Lea Larsson – Drums
Record Label: Inner Wound Recordings


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