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Metalium - Incubus: Chapter Seven (CD)

Incubus: Chapter Seven
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 14 February 2008, 11:00 AM

I have been considering METALIUM as a project band since their debut release Millenium Release that saw the light of the day under a really strong lineup; Chris Caffery who was replaced by Jack Frost and Mike Terrana who was replaced by Mark Cross were members of this project that actually added nothing new to the Euro Power Metal scene. In order to be honest with you I stopped looking towards METALIUM as soon as State Of Triumph was amongst us in 2000. Against all odds METALIUM continued to exist comprised a solid lineup that was (and still does) based on the Basse-Lange-Ratz power triplet. So, the year is 2008 and in front of me lies METALIUM seventh addition and chapter under the title Incubus that will hit the stores through Massacre Records.
Before I hit the play button I was almost ready to begin writing this review talking about the classic Euro power oriented sound that features catchy and uplifting melodies leaded by high pitched vocals. Fortunately, I was wrong and Incubus turned to be a very interesting release. Resurrection enters after the short intro Trust with a fast paced GRAVE DIGGER guitar riff followed by Basse's excellent vocals (he really reminds me of CRIMSON GLORY's Midnight). Incubus was a nice surprise to my ears; the atmospheric bass guitar intro and the down-tuned rhythm guitar gets you in dark and evil surroundings that spice things up. This song continues in a slow almost torturing pattern during the guitar solo that adds even more heaviness. After listening to this album a couple of times I have to admit that the Power Metal label has little to do with Incubus; METALIUM walk the Heavy Metal path guided by the classic German Metal spirit reminding something from the latest MYSTIC PROPHECY album. Lange has done an excellent job in the guitars especially in the leading ones by adding some very good solos that fit to the albums haunting atmosphere.
The fast and aggressive song Never Die put a smile on my face with the ala Tim Ripper Owens vocals while At Armageddon, Sanity and Meet Your Maker made my head shake a little bit. The groovy song Hellfire that made look towards my BRAINSTORM CDs and generally the U.S. metal scene closes this album that made me reconsider METALIUM as a full time band. Well, to wrap things up I can say that METALIUM without re-discovering anything sound refreshed and kind of evil in their seven discographic treat that definitely deserves some additional attention from all of us.

3 Star Rating

Trust (Intro)
Take Me Higher
Never Die
At Armageddon
Meet Your Maker
Henning Basse - Vocals
Lars Ratz - Bass
Michael Ehre - Drums
Matthias Lange - Guitars
Tolo Grimalt - Guitars
Record Label: Massacre Records


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