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Metalizer - The Thrashing Force

The Thrashing Force
by Marcos "The Jungle Guy" Garcia at 30 September 2013, 6:00 PM

When we speak in terms of od school kinds of Metal that are infesting the scene worldwide, sometimes we tend to leave aside some good works, because the greater number of these bands have nothing to say more than what was said back in the 80’s, but some of them really breathes new life on the style, and them their work become more interesting, as the Brazilian quartet METALIZER, coming from Nova Odessa, in São Paulo, and with their first album, “The Thrashing Force”, they show that really got something to say.

The band don’t make a new sound, it’s a pure and violent Thrash Metal in the German directive (the vocals resembles Steve “Zetro” Souza sometimes, with some high pitches like Marcel Schmier), but you can feel a different life and energy coming from their music, and this is what is called “personality”, the most important thing a band can breathes in their music. Aggressive and harsh vocals aside with heavy guitar riffs and solos, and a rhythm kitchen (bass and drums) compact and with good technique, so, prepare your neck to ache, and your neighbors to ask for your head.

With Cláudio, Júnior and the own band doing the parts of sound production, the sound of the CD isn’t bad at all, with all the instruments sounding clear, but there are times when sensation of a “hollow” sound is clear. But let’s clear the things: in Brazil, to record a CD is a very expensive thing, so let’s not be so damn righteous here, for the band is pretty good. The cover and art is good, showing what we hear in their music.

Highlights: “Peace in Pieces” (brutal, with some good riffs and bass guitar appears a lot with a good work), “Thrashing the Betrayers” (the drums technique is astonishing), the “brick-in-your-face” “Electric Homicide” (fine vocals and good guitar solo), the excellent “Bleed by My Fist”, and “Silent Desperation” (with a good diversity of tempos, always heavy and getting the listener by the ear).

A good break through from the band, and a good revelation from Brazilian lands.

4 Star Rating

1. Trails of a Blood Storm (Intro)
2. Peace in Pieces
3. Thrashing the Betrayers
4. Alcoholic Madness
5. Electric Homicide
6. Metalizer (The Thrashing Force)
7. Emptiness
8. Bleed by My Fist
9. Silent Desperation
Sandro Maués - Vocals
Douglas Lima - Guitars
Nilão Bonecrusher - Bass
Thiago Agressor – Drums, backing vocals
Record Label: Independent


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