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Metalizer - Your Nightmare Award winner

Your Nightmare
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 01 September 2015, 8:44 AM

Thrash Metal in old school ways is a trial for many. Some love, other ones hate, but it has its charm and appeal. But to be honest, a great part of old school Thrash Metal bands commit the same mistake: they just copy albums done before, bands that already exist. It's hard to find a personality into this Metal style. But some dare to face the trials with blood in their eyes, as the Thrash Metal killing machine from Nova Odessa (SP), Brazil, the quartet METALIZER, that now comes back with their second attack, "Your Nightmare".

They evolved a lot since "The Thrashing Force". Now, their Thrash Metal in the vein of the 80s (with a strong influence from EXODUS) has some good melodies, as the musicians evolved a lot. The vocals now use some clean moments and a good diversity of tunes, as the guitars are more technical on riffs and melodic on solos, and the rhythmic session really improved a lot in technique, but it's still heavy and thunderous as before. I can say that they gathered some melodies from NWOBHM, but keeping their Thrash Metal rage alive, so beware, because they are back!

The sound quality is heavy and abusively strong, but still has to improve. It's not the fault of Fábio Ferreira (the album's producer) or the band itself, but they really need a more robust sound, to be in the same way that they are alive. When this problem is solved, we'll have an earthquake here on Brazil, for sure we will!

Their best moments (even the album being excellent as a whole): "Weapons of Metalization" with its fine guitar arrangements and very good vocals; the earthquake called "A Bridge Across Time and Space" (presenting a very good and heavy and technical work done by bass guitar and drums, but see some passages where vocals uses some clean and very good tunes), the aggressive insanity in form of music called "Still Alive"; the excellent "Zombified Generation" (presenting a Thrash'n'Roll feeling that reminds something from MOTORHEAD, intense and melodic) and "Wake Up" (where the vocals again give a lesson, including some moments where we can remind the style of former CANDLEMASS' vocalist, Messiah Marcolin).

Prepare your ears, ready your beers, and get prepared for their assault.

4 Star Rating

1. Weapons of Metalization
2. My Cage
3. Street Dog
4. A Bridge Across Time and Space
5. Still Alive
6. Cause and Effect
7. Zombified Generation
8. Wake Up
9. Preacher of Hate
10. Life is Your Nightmare
Sandro Maués - Vocals
Douglas Lima -  Guitars
Nilão Pavão - Bass
Thiago Cruz - Drums
Record Label: Black Legion Productions


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