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Metall - Metalheads

by Daniel Stefanov at 24 May 2017, 7:07 AM

"Metalheads" is a Metal album by the metal band METALL, who play Metal, as demonstrated by the Metal on the album art. Should you not have gotten the message still, the opener of "Metalheads" - titled "Metalheads" - starts with sounds of Metal clashing onto other Metal. Metal enough for you? It's always a warm feeling when you learn that people are doing what they love. The guys at METALL definitely sound like they do what they love, ignoring the bunch of losers who tell them they can't play worth shit.

The album has energy and drive, that much can't be denied. However, it's all doomed by generic, uninspired riffs, lackluster melody, questionable mixing, insecure and awkward drumming, and one of the worst vocals I have ever heard. Track by track review is rather difficult, as the album is mostly just a big blob of noise and horrible singing. After the slap in the face that is the titular song, the second track - "Fly" - feels easier to digest, as the clean vocals are not even attempted at range. Instead, some parts are done with growling, which is decent. It is a mystery to me how METALL heard how the growls sound, then heard how the clean vocals sound, and not only did not vomit, but also chose to perform the majority of the album with clean vocals. "Crimson King" just makes me sad. "Riding on the Storm" is tedious, boring, long, and uninspired. There is nothing glorious about "Glory". In fact, the song can be used to suck the glory out of overly-glorious moments.

"Imperium" starts really promising with some extreme vocals, which sound pleasant after the ear rape that was the album so far. The song itself is also decent, however its lackluster production and the horrible chorus negate some of the positive impressions. Definitely the only track on the album that I could bear to listen to again in the future. It is chaotic and poorly put together, but the solo is technically impressive, however short, and unfitting with the rest of the song. The track shows a desire to convey an idea, and even partially succeeds in that. The vocals stay decent for the majority of the song, with a few places dipping back to the horrid horridness of what the singing throughout the rest of the album was. The rhythm section feels good, however is drowned in too much background guitar that causes migraine. The song has tremendous potential for a really dark and heavy atmosphere if the technical issues get sorted, and the singer is forced to stay out of attempts at clean singing or any range-dependent ornamentation.

Unfortunately, "Imperium" is not the final track of the album, and the listener is forced to bear through the generic chaos and cheesiness of "Wrath". Which is a fitting closer, as wrath is what many people would feel after listening to this album. There is some really decent guitar work in the final song of "Metalheads", however at this point my ability to enjoy anything good in life is diminished in favor of desperate self-preservation.

"Imperium" aside, if this was the only metal album in existence, I would happily listen to Mongolian throat signing instead. A final note - when you band is called METALL, and your songs names are suspiciously close to the names of already popular songs and bands (KING CRIMSON, MACHINE HEAD's "Imperium", HAMMERFALL's "Riders of the Storm", etc), it is exceptionally difficult for your fans to find you on the internet. Also, make sure your song names are spelled the same way on the album and on your website.

Songwriting: 3
Originality: 4
Memorability: 3
Production: 4

1 Star Rating

1. Metalheads
2. Fly
3. Crimson King
4. The Gods Above the Sky
5. Riding on the Storm
6. Glory
7. Imperium
8. Wrath
Sven Rappoldt - Bass
Joél Stieve-Dawe - Vocals
Marko Thäle - Drums
Daniel Dokic - Guitars
Record Label: Iron Shield Records


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