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Metalliance – Volume 4 Award winner

Volume 4
by Will Travers at 08 April 2021, 2:12 PM

Who doesn’t love a compilation album? The original playlists really, just stick it in your CD player and let what happens happen. I have always been fond of them for long drives, and in the world of streaming services, it’s sometimes hard to remember the simple pleasures of mindlessly enjoying a selection of music. Even more so in these current times, it is more important than ever to show support to the entertainment industries.

Opening the album is Swedish mettallers OVERDRIVE and “Brand New Sinner” and the Hard Rock track really gets the blood boiling for any fan. A hard hitting, energetic and frustratingly catchy track that just sets the tone for the rest of the record. REVEREND HOUND’s “Way Of The Gun” is next in line, the breathless and high energy track continues to build on from OVERDRIVE’s, in fact, both really compliment one another perfectly. Guitarists be sure to check out track 3, VICTOR SMOLSKI’S ALMANAC with “Kingdom Of The Blind”, the Symphonic and Power Metal is enough to get anyone’s foot tapping away. But it’s the delectable guitar breaks that litter this glorious track that really mark it apart from the others.

JOHNBOY with “Sweet Bitterness” comes pounding in, with force and more catchy melodies that I am sure my partner will love me humming along for the next few days. Strip it all back a bit, whack up the bass levels and just let the music really hit your core. Well, that is exactly what you would get with IS LOVE ALIVE? And “Narcissistic Illusion”, the 7 minute epic hits all the right notes. A bit more energy, a bit more of 80’s cheese and what do you get? DARK SKY, and their contribution of “Creatures Of The Night”.

Now, I am a huge fan of BLIND GUARDIAN and “The Bard Song”, so to come across a song of a similar style, it really was a revelation! If there are other fans, then be sure to check out WITCHBOUND, “Tears By The Firelight”. The tail end of the album continues rolling through tracks that, I must say, are really well put together, they all roll seamlessly from on to the next and I cannot fault the track selection at all.

Overall, a great album. Full of hard hitting and enjoyable Hard Rock tracks. Even if you have not come across the listed bands before in the past, well be sure to check out METALLIANCE, I know that I have got some new artists to check out in more earnest.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10


5 Star Rating

1. OVERDRIVE – Brand New Sinner
2. REVEREND HOUND – Way Of The Gun
3. VICTOR SMOLSKI’S ALMANAC – Kingdom Of The Blind
4. JOHNBOY – Sweet Bitterness
5. IS LOVE ALIVE? – Narcissistic Illusion
6. DARK SKY – Creatures Of The Night
7. WITCHBOUND – Tears By The Firelight
8. SKULLWINX – Sons Of The Oath
10. MUTANT PROOF – Hellraiser
11. FALCON – Murder In Blue
Record Label: Hands of Blue Records


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Edited 06 February 2023

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