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Metalucifer – Heavy Metal Ninja

Heavy Metal Ninja
by Metal Wim at 20 March 2022, 7:25 AM

METALUCIFER was formed in 1995 by SABBAT singer Gezol. The name for the band actually comes from the SABBAT song with the same title. Now is the time that they have announced that METALUCIFER will be no more. So, after three studio albums, "Heavy Metal Drill", "Heavy Metal Chainsaw" and "Heavy Metal Bulldozer" they are pulling the plug on this side project. But of course, they do not wish to depart silently. As a result, they have decided to write and record a mini album with four new songs. What makes this different is that everything is put on the album twice. On side one you will find the English versions of them, on the other side the Japanese.

If you’re not familiar with METALUCIFER, it is simply put a Japanese version of a NWOBHM band. Simple but effective Heavy Metal with all the clichés intact where possible. And there’s no escaping the fact that musically they have hit the right spot. The music can only be described as addictive, enticing, endearing and very sympathetic. Of course, with people who know what they’re doing, you would expect just that.

On the vocal side there’s more to mention. As you would expect the Japanese versions sound quite good., as this is their native tongue and easily the one they can express themselves in the most prolific way. It’s only when you start listening to the English versions that you realise how simple the lyrics are, but also how much fun they are to sing along to. Although, you sometimes will have to smile, especially when Gezolucifer sings that we are “Born To Pray Heavy Metal”. I know, this is due to the way they pronounce those kinds of words and letters, but I have to admit that I couldn’t agree with him more!

All put together I feel that if this the last thing that METALUCIFER releases, they will be letting their rather large following down. Their fans are located all around the world, and are fiercely loyal. So, I really do hope that after “Heavy Metal Ninja” they will embark on one last full-length album on which they display how much they love their NWOBHM and how much better they can do then they show us here. These songs might come near what they’ve done before, but to me they lack that little bit of extra oomph. So, again, I hope that METALUCIFER will engage us one more time with a well-made record full of their very distinctive style of NWOBHM.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Born To Play Heavy Metal (English version)
2. Heavy Metal Ninja (English version)
3. New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (English version)
4. Heavy Metal Bang Your Heads (English version)
5. Born To Play Heavy Metal (Japanese version)
6. Heavy Metal Ninja (Japanese version)
7. New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (Japanese version)
8. Heavy Metal Bang Your Heads (Japanese version)
Gezolucifer – Vocals
Elizabigore – Guitars
Ossiandozer – Bass
Zorugelucifer - Drums
Record Label: Iron Oxide Records


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