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Metalucifer - Heavy Metal Bulldozer (CD)

Heavy Metal Bulldozer
by Yiannis Doukas at 31 May 2009, 1:37 PM

These Japanese are totally crazy. So, this is the new album of METALUCIFER and it is like the dogma for the god of the orthodox christian church. It has Trinitarian hypostasis. Three in one. What do I mean? There is a version with the Japanese members, which Gezolucifer, Elizaveat and Elizabigore released via RIP Records containing the above songs in English. The same members and via Holycaust have done another version, now sung in their mother tongue. Last, from Iron Pegasus comes the so called Teutonic Attack where there is no original Japanese member inside but only the German part including Elizablumi from METAL INQUISITOR in guitars and vocals, Tormentharou in drumming and Mamonohunter (that is a name) in bass. The first two of them are probably known to you since they were in the Heavy Metal Chainsaw album.
Till now I have listened the Iron Pegasus and the RIP versions. The differences are firstly in the tracklist, since the German one does not include Heavy Metal Mountain, Heavy Metalucifer and Heavy Metal Demons, but instead of them a new version/cover of the well known Heavy Metal Drill. The Teutonic Attack has a guitar sound that is closer to Stained Class while the big change is of course the vocals. Basically I always wanted one day to hear some METALUCIFER compositions with other vocals and this experiment here gives only positive results although Elizablumi in a paradox way stays close to the Gezolucifer's ones. Here I must add that for the METALUCIFER fans simply the should be no judgment about the voice. You just accept it. The end. So, you know what you gonna hear in the normal, Far East version; but the other was, for me, a nice surprise.
For the music part things are simple and standard. Just like that there will be Mr Tanaka on the cover. Hot Heavy Metal, plunged into the cold water of N.W.O.B.H.M. JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, CLOVEN HOOF, TOKYO BLADE, SAXON, ANGELWITCH and add anything else you want. In their MySpace page you will also find bands like MARAUDER, MURO or even TUBLATANKA!!! I think you get the point here, ok? The classic double guitar melodies are still present, just listen to the self-titled track, the solos are fuck as bloody hell and as far I have listened the two versions I didn't notice any great difference about them. Songs like Heavy Metal Ironfists, Heavy Metal Battleaxe or Heavy Metal Highway are fantastic. The rest can be discovered by you.
Personally I didn't have any doubt about the quality of the material and I very much enjoyed their new album. I have listened to the Teutonic Attack version the most, mainly because tracks like Heavy Metal Highway are just divine but on the other the Japanese version has an incredible semi-ballad, named Heavy Metal Mountain that is a masterpiece. From the instrumental point you will not find any big differences except some details, for example the Heavy Metal Ambition refrain but I think these goes for the die-hard fans. Lastly, since Gezolucifer still has pure Metallic ideas and inspiration makes my lust for a new SABBAT album rising to the sky. Karmagmassacre released six years ago and was one of their best ever. Black Magical Circle Of Witches is a hymn, and since then we have heard 666 different versions of the Mion's Hill and Black Fire. The Heavy Metal Bulldozer CD is great, but but we need a new SABBAT album!!! That's all.
Ah, this album is strictly for metalheads only.

4 Star Rating

Heavy Metal Ironfists
Heavy Metal Bulldozer
Heavy Metal Battleaxe
Heavy Metal Warriors
Heavy Metal Highway Rider
Heavy Metal Mountain
Heavy Metal Wings Of Steel
Heavy Metal Ambition
Heavy Metalucifer
Heavy Metal Demons
Gezolucifer - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Elizaveat - Guitars, Drums
Elizabigore - Guitars
Elizablumi - Guitars, Vocals
Tormentharou - Drums
Mamonohunter - Bass
Record Label: Holycaust Records


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