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Metaphysics - Beyond The Nightfall

Beyond The Nightfall
by Vasilis Odontidis at 17 September 2012, 11:37 AM

The branch of philosophy called metaphysics was introduced as a concept by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle who in the homonymous titled book deals with the matters of afterlife. Metaphysics deal with questions such as the nature of reality, place of humanity in the universe, the existence of worlds beyond our mind among others. METAPHYSICS is also the name of the Italian band and "Beyond The Nightfall" is their debut album which this review is about.

The band exists since 2005 but their recording efforts bore fruit only recently offering this full length Progressive Metal album. Recording started somewhere during the summer of 2011 in SF Studios by Simone Fiorletta and was eventually released in the end of this summer. The band states as influences the 70s and 80s Progressive Rock and the 90s Progressive Metal. However, in this album it is obvious that the 90s Progressive Metal influences are much more dominant than those of 70s and 80s Rock. That by itself doesn’t make the album bad however I believe that by focusing more on the 70s and 80s they could spice up their sound and not make another similar sounding record as tons of other Progressive Metal bands. Most of the songs in this record go from 3 to 6 minutes, while there are two instrumental songs ("When Everything Comes to an End" and "…Light") plus the semi last song lasts for 9 minutes being the longest of the album.

I enjoyed "Beyond The Nightfall" a lot as it is a record that is complex, has its powerful moments, its emotional passages and in general would satisfy anyone who looks for a decent Progressive Metal record. Everything is well played, the vocalist is delivering a great performance though he sometimes left behind because of the production, which other than that is very good. To wrap up this review I believe that METAPHYSICS have created a great record. The strong point of the record is not its originality but a clear vision of what the band wants to achieve and precise execution of the designed plan. If you want to find out how METAPHYSICS and "Beyond The Nightfall" sound like you can look on Spotify for the record.

3 Star Rating

1. Fallin'
2. Letter from a Dead Man
3. Follow Your Desires
4. Shadow Games
5. Just a Dream?
6. Searching for…
7. When Everything Comes to an End
8. Renaissance
9. Lifend
10. …Light
Davide Gabriele- Vocals
Davide Perruzza- Guitars
Matteo Raggi - Bass
Marco Aiello- Drums
Gabriels Shiro- Keyboards
Record Label: SG Records


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