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Methadone Skies – Retrofuture Caveman

Methadone Skies
Retrofuture Caveman
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 09 May 2021, 9:50 AM

METHADONE SKIES is an independent Psychedelic Rock group from Timisoara, Romania. Active since 2009, the instrumental quartet has released 4 full length records so far. Each LP shares its own musical direction, often leaning into stoner, post-rock and doom metal territories. There were never any boundaries set, so each affair is the sum of various influences and constant sonic exploration. 2019. Different Layers of Fear saw the band consolidating their strengths and leveling up musically. “Retrofuture Caveman” was released on May 7th, and contains five tracks.

The title track kicks off the album. It’s an eighteen-minute beast. There is a very long, ambient lead in before the main riff hits. I dig the background noises…they add some feelings of gloom to the song. It plods forward in this manner until the end. “Infected by Friendship” begins with some clean guitars and zappy keys. It almost sounds hopeful. Some layers are added at the half-way mark, and this song almost sounds like Post-Rock to me. METHADONE SKIES are full of surprises.

“The Enabler” is a short, five-minute track that opens with the heavy thudding of guitars, bass and drums. The lead guitar notes are a bit on the psychedelic side, while the rhythm is maintained by the other instruments. It growls a bit coming up towards the end, with a heavier guitar riff, along with some more lead notes dancing in the background. “Western Love ‘67” must have a personal tale behind it. Perhaps this is where one of the band members first found love? In any case, it’s an introspective song for the first two minutes, then turns with a heavy riff for just a few moments before the opening sound returns, with a bit more chunk in there. This back and forth continues throughout the song.

“When the Sleeper Awakens” is an eleven-minute closing song. It begins with a heavy, fuzzy riff, then some ambient tones mix in, along with some keys. Thick bass notes take over for a spell around the half-way mark, then it’s a quiet walk into space from there, taking you to an alien planet where time ceases to exist. What strikes me most about this five-track Psychedelic Rock group is the diversity they present on the album, and the emotions they are able to put into their songs. Some of the tracks are quite tender, while others are heavier and more aggressive. Through many previous albums, the band has honed their sound and proven they are strong songwriters.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Retrofuture Caveman
2. Infected by Friendship
3. The Enabler
4. Western Luv ‘67
5. When the Sleeper Awakens
Alexandru Wehry – Guitar
Casian Stanciu – Guitar, E-Bow
Mihai Guta – Bass
Flavius Retea – Drums, Percussion, Keyboards
Record Label: Independent


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