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Methedras - System Subversion

System Subversion
by Jessica Howkins at 15 August 2014, 12:35 PM

Five years since  their last release “Katarsis” – Death Thrashers METHEDRAS are back with “System Subversion” after taking a short break and doing tours but now they’re back and still as heavy as before.

The entire album is full of moments where you can throw your fists in the air, open up the pits and whip people in the face with your luscious locks of Metal hair. “System Subversion” holds an awesome wall of brutality packed with the ability to release all of that anger inside of you and go absolutely crackers.

METHEDRAS waste no time creating sheer destruction when you click play on “System Subversion”, it’s impossible to sit to them and not want to create some havoc, you simply do not listen to “System Subversion” knitting a scarf for your dog in the Winter months – you DO however grab a few beers (maybe a bit more than a few), a massive speaker, your friends and you tear shit up.

It is possible people will complain that 50 minutes is a long time for an album of this style, sure, maybe it’s true, we’re all used to Thrash and Death being slightly shorter than your average other Metal genres, especially Progressive Metal in which 50 minutes is the actual song. It adds a great twist to the typical ‘must-haves’ within the genres and the crossing overs into each other. We always say we wish the albums was longer so why not?

With noticeable influences off of Metal greats such as TESTAMENT and LAMB OF GOD, it makes the Italian guys from METHEDRAS more open to both underground and the popular scenes in the world of Metal and that’s something pretty important to have – well, if you want to get big that is and have everyone know you name.

“System Subversion” is a heavy album, full of moments where your head bangs by itself without you telling it, moments where you want to fuck everything up, where you want to stick your middle fingers up at the world and do shit your way and that my friends is how you make a pretty damn awesome Metal album, no matter the genre.

4 Star Rating

1. Subversion
2. You Got It
3. Deathocracy
4. Dead Memories
5. Fallout
6. Thrown Away
7. Shit Happens
8. Brawl
9. Blood, Oil & Vengeance
10. Distorted Emotion
Claudio Facheris – Vocals
Eros Mozzi – Guitars
Andrea Bochi – Bass
Daniele Gotti – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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