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Metopia - Wiedergeburt Award winner

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 13 July 2022, 3:11 PM

The experimental side of music always brings some unexpected musical works, even when the fans think that it’s impossible to find something different from the usual. It’s just something that the personal approach of the musicians can open doors, and the quartet METOPIA seems to be in such way “Wiedergeburt”, their latest album.

Their music is based on the European approach on Industrial Metal mixed with Modern Metal elements (inherited from New Metal and Metalcore). But one must have in mind that their music can be silk and deeper in some moments, but abrasive and extremely aggressive in some parts, and some unexpected elements appear in many parts of the album (as the choirs on “Europa”). It’s hypnotic, grandiose in some parts, full of modern hooks. Of course that fans of older Metal genres will have problems to deal with this album, but for those that are into Modern Metal formats, it’s really an addictive release.

Jacob Hansen, Jakob Herrman and Stephan Zeh worked with the band on studio to create the right sonority for “Wiedergeburt”. And having in mind that their music is full of effects and needs a futurist/dystopic outfit (due their visual appeal), they did it right: modern, defined and clean, but aggressive. But one difference: the tunes used on guitars aren’t all the time sounding in the modern ways, it’s in a classical form, and it’s really different, because enables their melodies to be heard clearly.

“Fiktion” seems like a Modern Metal song between Metalcore and Nu Metal, contrasting brutal and aggressive parts with some introspective moments (and what great contrasts on the vocals tunes), and “Liebes Ich” follows a similar tendency, but with a stronger appeal on the European Industrial side of their music (pay attention to the guitars). On “Europa”, the band uses a hypnotic appeal, full of keyboards and effects, but with a massive and oppressive weight (due the rhythmic conductions of bass guitars and drums), and very good contrasts between heavier moments with introspective parts (the choirs are really a great feature). And “Desaster” shows a more Heavy Metal-orientated appeal, with very good aggressive melodies, as “Vampir” is as well (besides with some Industrial Metal parts tempering its beginning).

Using a heavier and catchy modern appeal, “Kriegerin” can shock the fans due the combination of melodies and aggressiveness that’s not usual for Modern Metal acts (maybe only for FEAR FACTORY early releases would depict such thing) and Lena Scissorhands sings on it as guest. And “Verbunden” is a deeper and accessible song that is easily absorbed by non-Metal fans. “Metopia” is abrasive and modern, with very good tempos that will make the fans jump and riot out during the shows due its energy. And “Wiedergeburt” bears an appeal where melodies and the Industrial Metal impact are aligned (but with melancholic parts as well), full of massive hooks and very good instrumental arrangements.

Maybe METOPIA is still developing their musical work in the middle of their experimental ideas. But “Wiedergeburt” is a very good release, indeed.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Willkommen bei Metopia
2. Fiktion
3. Liebes Ich
4. Europa
5. Desaster
6. Vampir
7. Kriegerin
8. Verbunden
9. Metopia
10. Wiedergeburt
Roxx - Vocals
Luke - Guitars
MT - Bass
Tom - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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