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Mezarkabul - Unspoken (CD)

by Makis Kirkos at 01 November 2001, 7:04 PM

Even though you might not have expected it, Mezarkabul are not newcomers. Actually they are a well-established foursome, having released three albums under the well-known name of Pentagram already. Founded back in 1987, Mezarkabul are from Turkey and they are the only metal superstars selling hundreds of thousands of albums in their home territory.
You may recognize the band Pentagram from their 1992 album Trail Blazer, released by Nuclear Blast, and the 1997 album ANATOLIA by Century Media. This new album, Unspoken had 50.000 units sold very shortly after its September 2001 release. In Turley they still go by the name Pentagram and for some unknown reason they use Mezarkabul in the rest of the world.
What does it mean? Mezarkabul  is a Turkish word and an Arabic word brought together as one. The exact traslation is grave acceptance, which means  acceptance of death or having no fear of losing. It actually means being alive indeed.. , a state of mind and soul that we're desperately longing for .
Mezarkabul play modern heavy metal with progressive elements and a mid-eastern/ Asian oriental influence. The melodies remind me of the mid-eastern culture and philosophy, as you can hear some strange instruments among the guitars, bass and drums. They use keyboards, but not aiming to overpower, just trying to give the feeling of their oriental effect.
Those who have never heard of them, they are in for a big and pleasant surprise. The album is simply but amazing. They mix influences from melodic metal, melodic death metal, Black Album era Metallica, plus some middle east melodies and grooves which are simply excellent.
I really loved the grooves, the riffs, the melodies and the exotic atmosphere of the unknown. The voice of the singer fits perfectly with their music and that is a plus for them, since a lot of bands using the oriental element only manage to makes us sick with their failure. The riffs and the solos in this album use a lot of the harmonic minor style of playing, if you know what I mean.
The production is almost perfect, adding to the atmosphere and providing a clear sound. Due to the riffs, the driving rhythm and the unique and well-balanced arrahgenents, Mezarkabul will be sure to head into a bright future. Give them a chance and they'll blow your mind away with their music. Highly recommended!!

4 Star Rating

We Come From Nowhere
In Esir Like An Eagle
Lions In A Cage
For The One Unchanging
Take My Time
This Too Will Pass
For Those Who Died Alone
Hakan - Guitars
Cenk - Drums
Tarkan - Bass
Murat - Vocals
Onur Mubarek - Guitars
Record Label: Sanctuary Records


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