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Mezereum - Mezereum Award winner

by Barbra Rose at 01 December 2020, 7:03 AM

Forming during the year 2018, the debut album of Black Metal band MEZEREUM from Vilnius, Lithuania was first released on September 25, 2020. All songs were written by Skir. ”Manifesto” opens the release.   The track begins slowly - moving through a natural minor progression. A hauntingly alluring “doom chorus” accompanies an interesting pull off on the low E string until about the third minute into the track.  Clean guitars with heavy use of the Chorus progress into the fourth minute - as another Doom Chorus leads us through the songs en.

Apocryphal” the album’ second track opens with the second half of a harmonic minor scale played on the b string of the guitar–and this lick is used as a thematic basis that repeats through the tune.     This continues until about one minute into the track - and the listener hears a “doomish chorus”. As the song progresses - we can almost sing along with “Fire - let’s burn it ever higher…”.   The final thirty minutes of the sing move between a doomish chorus Skir plays on the synthesizer. The third track, “Enmity”, opens abruptly into a speedy outburst

The fourth album track entitled “Den” opens on the guitar’s higher strings; moves from verse to chorus repeatedly: until about  two minutes and five seconds into the tune–as the listener can hear - if s/he listens, will hear “…don’t you worry” - as the song instantly reverts to a catchy punk theme -with familiar bass line from Anisoptera that walks to a familiar groove. Vocals resume describing the “hideaway” that this “Den” would be. This groove continues until about two minutes and forty seconds into the song  as “Den” recapitulates to the head.

The fifth album track, entitled, “Supreme”, opens with heavily chorused but otherwise clean guitars. Just prior to one minute and one half into the song, the song picks up - then returns to head for Skir to play leads. “Toil”, the sixth album track, opens with clean guitars bending on the Low E string. The high E string harmonizes this string bend riff with a major third.  This is further harmonized at the fifth. I enjoy this.   At about one minute and one half into the song - the chord progression moves to sudden pops of the tri-tone–that which the church infamously entitled “the devil in music” throughout the middle ages - but these pop riffs return to the root with melodic pull-offs along the low E string.

“Lone” the seventh album track opens with open high strings resounding in lieu of power strings on the lower guitar strings -but with a subtle overdub of the lower string–more harmonizing with a dominant bass.  The song progresses into clean guitars with heavy chorus or a “synthesized” guitar sound - the recapitulates to the song’s head theme. “Clearance”, the eighth album track, moves between the I and III chord for about the first minute. The song becomes musically interesting as key changes move variously through (including but not limited to) I and VI structures as we progress toward the third minute - with clean guitars - nearly resounding like steel guitars.  The song recapitulates to the primary theme at about three minutes into the track - and for this return - the steel guitar tone returns to highlight the vamp.  While unusual to use the description of pleasant - but that is what I hear - pleasantly enjoyable.

The ninth track entitled “Respite” opens with a synthesizer simulation until a clean, albeit heavy use of the chorus effect on undistorted guitars both arpeggiate & strum through the song chord progressions- with heavy use of the ninth chord.  At about one minute forty five seconds into the song - the bass and drums enter.  One hears this progression as a momentary, yet honorary, tribute to METALLICA’S “Irion”.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Manifesto
2. Apocryphal
3. Enmity
4. Den
5. Supreme
6. Toil
7. Lone
8. Clearance
9. Respite
Skir - Guitar, Drums, and Synthesizer Simulation
Anisoptera - Bass (Session) Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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