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Mgla - Groza (CD)

by Yiannis Doukas at 20 November 2008, 12:53 PM

This Polish horde made a characteristic impression with the release of Presence ep in 2005 via Northern Heritage. A three piece 20 minutes opus that was like giving birth to your worst esoteric nightmares. Excellent Black Metal, like it should be with nice vocals and basically melodic but not gay guitars that had the ability of throwing you into deep darkness. Especially the second track was perfect.
Anyway the band in the following year done an 7 named Mdlosci and it was obvious that this was not a common group, since these two songs that are inside are so good that once you hear them is a little difficult to forget them. Imagine something like the debut of MAYHEM, primitive, melancholic and a lot of depressing. The band started their activities around 2005 with their presentation in the Crushing The Holy Trinity compilation and except the two releases I talked before keep in mind the previous year's Further Down The Nest ep that remains in the same high levels. As you can see the anticipation of their full - length was much.
Named by the Polish word that means fog, as you come across their music you will meet a mirror of your soul, revealing some things that hides in the dark, waiting to come in the surface and tear you down. It is majestic how MGLA manages to create such nightmares with their sweet but deadly poisonous riffing that emergent thoughts of memories that your soul kept locked for secure reasons. In this full length I feel a movement in a more BURZUM - ish tone, keeping the monotony of their previous songs, embodied by the tempo changes. A technique that although you hear the same idea, sudden drumming changes proclaim song straggles avoiding the trap of boredom.
Another important thing in MGLA's universe are the lyrics, a concept of bitterly given thoughts and life viewing that fits perfect with their nihilistic music. Here, everything is so cold and useless, the meaning of life is that there is no meaning at all and this is just an illusion. The main man behind the band, M hits right in the point of ultimate pain. MGLA's music creates no images, no feels; it just eliminates anything and absorbs everything. And in the end floats above the marshland of the human existence a dead body, a representation of insubstantiality.
To be honest, I expected better things from Groza although I cannot say I'm disappointed. Maybe the vocals in the first song that sounds weak, the clean production or my highly expectations whirled thoughts in my head that their previous works are better. Overall here is a very good choice for any Black metaller. The gates of fear are opened once again.

3 Star Rating

M. - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Darkside - Drums
Record Label: Northern Heritage


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