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Miasmic Theory - Sound Of Desperation

Miasmic Theory
Sound Of Desperation
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 30 May 2013, 1:22 PM

A mind itching name won't neccessarily reflect an invigorating type of music. It might end up being just a drop in the sea, only countable for its call sign. Stepping to the plate as another roundabout the outskirts of New American Metal, or Metalcore or Groove Metal, there is this bunch named MIASMIC THEORY. This European band, similar to others before and parallel to it, let the gloves off with furious modern Metal devastation, leaving no one to state that they aren't fiesty enough. I recalled Thrashcore signatures of PANTERA, LAMB OF GOD, SHADOWS FALL, but also dauting afflictions of Nu Metal as DEFTONES. Harboring a constant angered emotional state of mind, the crew of five released "Sound Of Desperation", via Inverse Records, with the ground shattering around them. On the other hand, their shortcomings, chief attributes of their coming down, made this experience an actual depression.

Musically it was quite obvious from the first chords, even if with me trying to repress the thought. MIASMIC THEORY is like plenty of others playing the same genre. Of course that there better and worse, but I couldn't notice how this release is actually good as the leading elements generated out of this material is mere "in your face" heaviness along with continous monotonic depravities of riffs, vocals and rhythms. Nonetheless, at the sound engineering provided a fine decorum to the music, but same as the music, many have been using the same or similar sound presets. Heading back to the material, MIASMIC THEORY were able to punch through with solid riffing, a selection of few dismantling rhythms, "Are You Ready", being the strongest link with an actual song craft. Yet, nothing within the songs seemed like a picture of a melodic edge. The riffing, and the grooves, are boastful I tell you that, but after a bit it came to a lack of excitement. "Down Where I" or "Never Ever" appeared as energetic, filled with stifling fury, but turned out to be repetitive as well. Frankly it cab go both ways as there will be folks that all for the crushing heaviness than listening to a little articulate manner. I prefer both fused, but unfortunately it didn't happen here.

I respect the band's efforts, they presented themselves as badass mongers ready to pick out a fight. There music is intense, demonstrating instrumental skill, but it can do even more and it dissapointed me that the songs didn't showcase the band's worth. As far as the vocals, even with two gargling throats, it sounded like a single person channeling the same vibe over and over. Check this one if you will, it has something to offer, but not that much Im afraid other than a name and sound. Better luck next time around.

2 Star Rating

1. Failure
2. Alive
3. Sound of Desperation
4. Never Ever
5. Everyday Ritual
6. Are You Ready?
7. Down Where I
8. Skitliv
9. All I Am
10. From Nowhere
Valter - Guitar
Thomas - Vocals
Lisa - Vocals
Markus - Drums
Oskar - Bass
Record Label: Inverse Records


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