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Miasthenia - Supremacia Ancestral (Reissue) Award winner

Supremacia Ancestral (Reissue)
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 17 August 2022, 5:59 AM

One feature I often heavily criticize about the Latin Metal scene is the idolatry for what comes from Europe, USA and others, but the lack of support to Brazilian bands. It’s common to hear fans depicting Brazilian acts as copies (and they would kiss the penis of a copy of SLAYER or IRON MAIDEN, in the end of all), but they seem to have nothing into the skull, or are unable to check something that has no ‘approved’ mark by European or USA Metal fans (yes, and let me tell the truth: if SEPULTURA didn’t left Brazil, the quartet wouldn’t be a thing, because no one gave them the right value here before their international success). For these idiots, I truly defy them to hear to this reissue of “Supremacia Ancestral”, remastered and with some new graphics, the third album of MIASTHENIA.

For those that doesn’t know the band’s music, it’s a form of Symphonic/Melodic Pagan Black Metal based on strong melodies and charming elements that brings some Folk traces of Brazilian and South American Pre-Colombian civilizations (and it’s the main theme of the band’s lyrics). Some will check the similarities between the band’s music with DIMMU BORGIR on “Stromblast” days or SATYRICON on “The Shadowthrone” era, but many different and personal elements can be detected, as guitar solos and themes, and a lot of ambiences that combines classic and Southern Folk cultures (something that a great part of Brazilian people try to erase, seeing themselves as ’South American Europeans’). It’s amazing, refreshing and different from the usual.

To bring to the album the right sonority, the band hired Caio Duarte (the mastermind between DYNAHEAD) to work on the recording sessions, mixing and mastering. And even having all the traces of a Black Metal album (especially because Old School Black Metal holds a strong grasp on Brazilian fans, so the band prefers to use crude and simple instrumental tunes), but allowing them to express all the ideas clearly (especially due the remastering of the album). And the new Digipack is amazing (take a look here:

As it was on the previous releases of the quartet (“XVI” and “Batalha Ritual”, that were release as a double CD package), the lyrics are in Brazilian Portuguese, but as told above, full of depictions of Pre-Colombian cultures in a darkened and morbid way (Hécate is Ph.D. on History, and her researches deal with this aspect).

So be prepared by the darkened weaving melodies of “Deuses da Aurora Ancestral” (what lovely keyboards and guitar parts), and it evolves in a way that depicts a lot of sensations, from sadness to anger, and finally revolt (and pay attention to the clean chords parts). On “Exortações de Oceloti”, the fans will clearly deal with traditional Heavy Metal riffs and themes on the guitars, and will experience heavy melodic hooks. Tribal drumming introduces “Taqui Ongo”, and then keyboards themes brings the Pre-Colombian ambiences that weaves the senses, and tons of influences of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock can be felt on the mixing (and what great work on the rhythms guided by bass guitar and drums). And after a climatic introduction, “Tawantinsuyo” comes with another massive strike of traditional Heavy Metal-like melodies and Thrash metal riffing (the tunes uses on the vocals are amazing).

“Tzompantli” is an instrumental and climatic song focuses on excellent keyboards orchestrations, and it evokes the feeling of revolt and anger against the colonizers, a feeling that gains strength on “Guerra do Mixton” (that blend the aggressiveness and morbid musical strength of Black Metal with the seductive melodic appeal of Heavy metal due the musical arrangements where guitars and keyboar5ds are boosting everything up). “Idolatrias” brings the listeners a chaotic/darkened feeling that is usual for older bands of Melodic Black Metal, and here supported by fine arrangements of guitars, bass and drums. And the melodic hooks like spears used on “Kayanerehn Kowa” are inheritances of Hard Rock from the 70’s, and what lovely harsh vocals and lovely guitars.

I must explain that my personal indignation isn’t towards Metal fans from USA, Europe or other countries that aren’t from Brazil. And even after hearing such a masterpiece, one will dare to use ‘I didn’t like it’ as an excuse to protect their colonized mind (they prefer the Christian devil to their ancient inheritance). But if you’re a Metalhead with guts, listen to “Supremacia Ancestral” and check why MIASTHENIA is one of the best Brazilian Metal bands in the moment. Listed to it:

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Deuses da Aurora Ancestral
2. Exortações de Oceloti
3. Taqui Ongo
4. Tawantinsuyo
5. Tzompantli (instrumental)
6. Guerra do Mixton
7. Idolatrias
8. Kayanerehn Kowa
Hécate - Keyboards, Vocals
Thormianak - Guitars
Mist - Bass, Additional Vocals on “Deuses da Aurora Ancestral” and “Taqui Ongo”
Hamon - Drums
Record Label: Mutilation Productions


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