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Michael Jessen - Bulletproof

Michael Jessen
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 15 March 2019, 3:18 AM

Melodic Rock Records is excited to welcome guitarist MICHAEL JESSEN to the label. MRR will release Michael’s new album “Bulletproof” alongside fellow Dane Martie Peters on March 24. Born and raised in Denmark, Michael Jessen played with several rock bands through his youth, including McTAMPARCS to HIGH OCTAINE, ROCK STAR and several others. He picked up the guitar by the age of 15, and a childhood friend taught him how to play the main riff for AC/DC’s “Hells Bells”.  For 2014’s debut “Memories,” Michael teamed with one of his vocal heroes Goran Edman, who I am very pleased to say is back in the front man role for all vocals on the new “Bulletproof” release. The album contains ten tracks.

“Stand my Ground” leads off the album. It has a slightly depressing sound, but with resolve. It’s a mid-temp rocker without a lot of frills. Goran’s voice is immediately recognizable, but he doesn’t stretch out a lot. “Coming Home Tonight” is another mid-tempo rocker, but it just sounds uninspired. It fails to really get off the ground. “Too Young to Die” opens with a slow and tender melody that hit the mark. The message is a bit cliché, but the melody is nice. “Beautiful Life” has a little bit more going for it. The message a bit overly simple and it is stuck in the mid-tempo groove. The dual harmonic vocals give it a little more life, but the song again fails to get off the ground.

“Church of Rock” has a slightly heavier sound and a more memorable chorus. Still, it suffers from the mid-tempo blues again. Too many songs with the same tempo can make an album stuck in the mud. “Like a Game” opens with spoken word, and the first real listen to the vocal talents of Edman. It’s getting harder and harder to find good things to say about this album. It really falls quite flat. “This Generation” is another mid-tempo song without much to remember. The vocals are good, but the music lacks definition. “Lost Inside a Dream” is a decent track but the riff is re-done and the vocals uninspired. I can’t knock their intent, but the effort was in vain.

“Your Photograph” is a sad song with cliché lyrics. I know the band can do better than this and take more advantage of Edman’s voice. “September 8” closes the album, with soft acoustic vocals and a clear shot at Edman’s vocals, which are on point but underused. I had to shut the rest of this off. It’s just a very cliché and boring album overall. I really wanted to like it, but it was quite a dull and uninspired effort. It makes me wonder what they were thinking when they released it…a good named singer and that would be it? I understand the effort it takes to release an album these days but do yourself a favor and skip this.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 4
Memorability: 3
Production: 8

2 Star Rating

1. Stand my Ground
2. Coming Home Tonight
3. Too Young to Die
4. Beautiful Life
5. Church of Rock
6. Like a Game
7. This Generation
8. Lost Inside a Dream
9. Your Photograph
10. September 8
Göran Edman – Vocals
Michael Jessen – Guitars
Christoffer Hoås – Bass
Mads Grunnet – Drums
Record Label: Melodic Rock Records


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