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Michael Kobrin - Searching

Michael Kobrin
by MarcusTheRocker at 13 January 2015, 3:44 AM

As much as I like listening to heavy Rock and Metal music, I am a bit of a sucker for the occasional slow track including acoustic performances so I quite enjoy listening to songs with acoustic guitars in them or acoustic versions of Rock and Metal songs and usually they work quite well and some bands record complete acoustic albums which I am always in favor of. So what do you get if you combine the Acoustic and Rock worlds into one album?

The result is “Searching” by Michael Kobrin. Born in 1991, Michael is originally from Ukraine but was in Israel by the age of 4. Growing up in another country, he became fascinated by different cultures and started playing guitar at the age of 13. By 17, he was entering and winning talent competitions and wrote his first song. Fast forward to 2012 and work began on his debut album with album producer Yossi Sassi who is the co-founder of the band ORPHANED LAND. This collaboration resulted in Michael Kobrin’s debut album which was released in 2014 and the title is “Searching”. Having listened to from Rock, Pop, Oriental and Progressive Metal music, Michael was very clear about what he wanted to do with his music so he went one step further and incorporated a mixture of Classical music with a fusion Modern Rock, Blues and Folk into his own unique sound so was the end result a success from someone who was influenced by a variety of genres? That’s what we are here to find out in this review.

When you listen to the opening track “Decisions”, you are quickly given a taste of Michael Kobrin’s skill on an acoustic guitar as there is a lot of neat and soulful melodies being played. The same is also said for the music as it sounds very soulful and the lyrics sound very passionate as well as if they came direct from Michael’s heart talking about his life experiences and that is what gets this album off to a good start as this is a strong song to open up with. In and throughout this 10 track CD, there is a lot of various styles of music being used here which have all managed to incorporate a bit of Rock music into them including a bit of Blues on “Nightlife”, a bit of Hard Rock on “Won’t Last” and a bit of Pop on the title track “Searching”. There’s even a couple of songs where things get groovy and funky such as “Still Got the Blues” for example and it wouldn't be a Rock record without a ballad or two and that’s what we get with the song “Not Myself”. You know what swings it for me on this album? The diversity of the music is your answer. I've stated this before countless times in reviews but I’ll say it again and that is I like a mixture of diversity in the music I listen to and normally it’s different Rock styles which I look for but different musical genres incorporated into Rock music? That is a whole new kettle of fish and somehow Michael Kobrin is able to make it work and the addition of the violin here and there is a nice touch but then I have listened to Rock songs before that use violin (mainly video game songs) so I’m used to it.

Anything to nitpick about? The vocal performance, as soulful as it may be does sound a bit off from time to time but for the most part it doesn't really matter all that much as there’s plenty of punch and plenty of oomph to make up for it. Verdict time now and I found myself enjoying this debut album from the acoustic wielding songsmith that is Michael Kobrin as the way he is able to incorporate Rock music into different genres of music i.e. Pop and Blues is a real surprise as I didn't think it could work with this style of music but you know what? It does and the end result is superb and I look forward to hearing future releases from this artist.

4 Star Rating

1. Decision
2. Learning How to Live
3. Searching
4. Not Myself
5. Animal
6. Won’t Last
7. Still Got the Blues
8. Nightlife
9. Perfect World
10. Outside
Michael Kobrin - Vocal & Guitar
Gilad Keren - Bass
Guy Rodoy & Shai Peleg - Electric Guitars
Ami Bornstein - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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