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Michael Monroe - One Man Gang

Michael Monroe
One Man Gang
by Craig Rider at 28 December 2019, 5:26 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: MICHAEL MONROE; signed via Silver Lining Music, hailing from the Finnish grounds - performing Glam Punk/Hard Rock/ Glam Metal/Punk Rock, on their 21st album entitled: "One Man Gang" (released 18th October, 2019).

Since formation in 1979; the HANOI ROCKS legend/frontman has an incredible milestone of 21 albums in their discography so far, I am introduced to their 21st record entitled: "One Man Gang". 12 tracks ranging at around 36:57; MICHAEL MONROE arrange an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Glam/Punk/Hard Rock/Glam Metal/Punk Rock amalgamations. The titular track begins the record; conveying amplified adrenaline, boistrously bouncy catchiness & a barraged frenzy of flamboyantly composed grooves. Executed with zestful versatility, uniquely vehement ultilizations & rocking ramifications of radio-friendly finesse. Culminating a borderline foundation of punchy punk aesthetics, converged with glam hair metal manifestations. Meticulously showcasing quintessential virtuosity, with potently vibrant quirkiness.

Consisting of Michael Monroe on vocals; the frontman demonstrates an embellishment of clean, high-pitched lungs - throaty pipes that scream with rawly rough steam. "Last Train To Tokyo" implements crunchy detail of diligently complex dynamics, as guitar duo Steve Conte & Dregen distributes dextrous harmonies while revolved around a blistering flair of snappy thunder. Creatively chugging; galloping & frolicking into a hardened hymn of fluid captivation, elementing distinctive chorus' & organic substances that rapidly showcases melodiously nimble jumpiness. "Junk Planet" captures captivating grinds that trigger robust solidities, momentously supplying meaty yet profusely primitive tempos & chunky bass audibility from Sami Yaffa who thumps with pulsating stability - rumbling with rhythmically reverberating dimensions fuelled into a consistently driven hybrid of immersivity.

"Midsummer Nights" injects infectious outrès of melodious outbursts that portrays rebellious riffs; old-school pop rock fundamentals, and volatile precision. Providing steely drum hammering from Karl Rockfist, as he batters his set with stompy patterns that flow fluidly with polished results. "The Pitfalls Of Being An Outsider" is a anthemic belter; compiling gang chanting hooks, hasty instrumentation & frantically grungy yet sleazy thrash transistions that remarkably merge 70s punk with 80s glam brilliantly. "Wasted Years" (not to be confused with the IRON MAIDEN staple) is a euphonically harmonious epic, mellifluously juxtaposing these sub-genres into a wonderously prodegious slab of almost bluesy and ballad-y tinges. "In The Tall Grass" surges with mid-paced perseverence, salubriously pondering with pounding strikes & rip-roaring shreds that subjugate with wildly rushing sharpness.

"Black Ties And Red Tape" blasts into high-octane speed; thrashing with swagger, cocky lyricism & while spitting out venomous slime that varies with meaty songwriting musicianship. "Hollywood Paranoia" pursuits with vicious styles of swinging sublimity; outrageous themes over the posh, red carpet treatment & uproariously upbeat yet rambunctious remedies that stampede with rock 'n' roll mayhem. "Heaven Is A Free State" adds efficacious orchestrations of the Mariachi Trumpet into the mix; embodying a healthy dose of vibes that slighty introduces ambient atmosphere for an energetically spirited ritual of professional magnetism, until majestically ramping up with a resonant sound production in the trailblazing "Helsinki Shakedown" – forging breakneck firepower & fierce expertise.

Overall concluding "One Man Gang" with the finale epic song: "Low Life In High Places"; I am compelled to say that MICHAEL MONROE certainly outdone themselves here, this seasoned veteran has proven once again that his musical landscape knows no boundaries. Hymns of potentially talented remarkability, sheer sophistication & definite headbanging fulfillments. Definitely a discovery that's worth the spin!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Sound Production: 8


4 Star Rating

1. One Man Gang
2. Last Train To Tokyo
3. Junk Planet
4. Midsummer Nights
5. The Pitfalls Of Being An Outsider
6. Wasted Years
7. In The Tall Grass
8. Black Ties And Red Tape
9. Hollywood Paranoia
10. Heaven Is A Free State
11. Helsinki Shakedown
12. Low Life In High Places
Steve Conte - Guitar
Michael Monroe - Vocals
Sami Yaffa - Bass
Karl Rockfist - Drums
Dregen - Guitar
Record Label: Silver Lining Music


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