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Michael Toney - Tales From The Stage (Book Review) Award winner

Michael Toney
Tales From The Stage
by Tomer "Tommy-Foxx" Darmon at 01 October 2012, 6:48 PM

Here you have a great opportunity once in a life time to enter through the behind the scene of your Rock N’ Roll / Rockstars idols. If you want be called a Rocker or you consider yourself as one who grew up on legendary bands like KISS, W.A.S.P., KEEL, STRYPER, just pick up this book named "Tales From The Stage" and you will soon get into the Hard Rock world like you never did before. This book provides the best objective point of view right about Rock N’ Roll idols that changed the face of Hard Rock / Metal in a time when Heavy Metal reigned the world and wasn't a prohibit word. The author, Michael Toney, was a teenage Rock who grew up on these bands, like you and me and any other growing up teen around the world, and got that inflicted with that addiction called Rock N’ Roll.

The book reveals also very emotional details such as Eric Carr’s last moments with KISS and his assistance on participating on "God Gave Rock n' Roll To You"  video clip despite the fact that he was already dying. What can I say about his greatness - he was a man that gave his heart and soul for Rock N’ Roll as stated "He loved his fans, and they knew it. Back in the day when there was literal fan mail, he would write back to everybody, and even call some of them! Tells us Bruce Kulick, at the time when he played with him”. You have a chance to read what were all those KISS famous "after parties" that been talked about, the co-writing of Vinnie Vincent on the “Revenge” album after years of silence between KISS and Vincent.

You could never imagine of how weird was the formation of the band MALICE, from putting 2 songs of theirs in the “Metal Massacre” compilation, without even a full lineup, next to METALLICA & RATT. Who could ever think that METALLICA would open for MALICE on their first live gig? Except of MALICE, there are exclusive stories about Chris Holmes from W.A.S.P., after Jay Raynolds toured with them. Raynolds reveals some stories from on stage, there are many moments where I was laughing so much during what was going on in the show, for example: At one of MALICE’s shows the crowd gone wild, and each time MALICE used their routine piss guns, whenever the crowd spitted on the band, they would get out the piss guns and started to fire on them. It was also sad to read that a good band such as MALICE didn't reach the success they so deserved due to bad management.

Herman Ze German describes his long journey to accomplish his Rock N’ Roll dream to become a Rockstar, from quitting college & music academy though moving to England as a teenager and after a short meeting with Michael Schenker which later on will turn the world upside down when German joined the SCORPIONS. It seems that SCORPIONS members were not only for the business, they also cared for each other, and that expressed well when Klause Meine had throat pains he wasn't able to sing and SCORPIONS took a year break and wait for him until he will get through it. The book shed light on the whole idea behind the “Blackout” song, how it came up, it is funny how from wild nights in hotel bands wrote hit songs like this one.

Tim "Ripper" Owens was known for his wide range voice and thanks to that he could step into Rob Halford's shoes after he left JUDAS PRIEST. In the interview there are details about the development of his singing career and his maneuverability between WINTER'S BANE, which turned out to be a tribute band on the same show, to what ended up at last his last step in the band. The book provides exclusive idea how the story went for "Ripper" from when he became JUDAS PRIEST's frontman until it was all over when he was informed that Rob is coming back.

Tracii Guns tells the real story behind L.A. GUNS and the beginning of GUNS N' ROSES, how it all started and how Axel Rose was close to death after having a conflict with Nadir D'Priest from the band LONDON. Not all of you know that but GUNS N' ROSES were once called GUNS N' ROSE but after Duff McKagan joined they inserted the "S", and it became what it has been known for decades.

Paul Shortino will give a brief look on his life, the behind the scenes and funny story from the Hear n' Aid recording sessions.Chris Holmes will let you know of the true meaning for the W.A.S.P. name, where did it come from and what does it stands for, also his bad relationship with Blackie Lawless, and how Lawless used to fine him after screwing up each time through concerts by not playing well. This is one of the hardest points of the book, to see a legend that is really called one of the most underrated persons in Rock N' Roll world.Oz Fox tells the story of STRYPER and how they turned to be a Christian Metal band, and what stands behind the yellow and black theme. Not every day you get a chance to be introduced to the story of that Christian Metal group from such a reliable source. In addition, the book views closely ont the story of ANVIL, but from a different point of view. One that you have never heard before. How Lipps got his nickname, and why the band had to change their name to ANVIL. You will be exposed, for the first time, to the band's vision as it was in the beginning and how did the idea of making the film "The Story Of Anvil" came up.

Michael Toney assembled a wonderful collection of questions among the musicians, the questions will reveal another side in the Rockstars' life. The book sheds light on answers that we never had the opportunity to read before. It's written in a flowing language, accessible and 100% satisfaction guaranty. Through this book the truth is naked and its main principle is that nothing comes for free and you have to work hard to earn your place, all the famous Rockers admit to that notion. This is a one in a life time exclusive chance to get into the other side of life of your favorite Rock legends and read that they are no different than you and me, they got their past glory days but on the same time they have been functioning as family people.

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