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Michael Pinella - Enter By the Twelfth Gate (CD)

Michael Pinella
Enter By the Twelfth Gate
by Thodoris Pantazopoulos at 25 November 2004, 4:08 AM

It's not a secret around here that I worship Symphony X and every single note  which has been played by them. I consider them as the top power/prog band of the last 7 years, with exceptional releases in their possession and with steady steps of huge progression from album to album that have consecrated them even among the most demanding fan's conscience. But since this review does not hold but a relational character with them, I should retain my enthusiasm and praise for their upcoming and highly expected release.
Michael Pinnella is the man behind the keys or else, one of Symphony X's key players who has chipped in at maximum rate so to come up with a such characteristic and royal sound. Especially after dropping everyone's jaw with the work he did in V, their most symphonic album ever, it's not difficult to apprehend that he is an irreplaceable member of the magic quintet.
Of course for all of us who know already his work with Symphony X, it wasn't necessary to expect a solo album from him to check his monstrous abilities. This release is a perfect demonstration of Pinnella's multidimensional talent, which is completely dedicated to classical music (with intense keyboard touch) in contrast to whatever he's done until now with his main band. That's right, this solo album differs from akin releases of other keyboard players like Derek Sherinian, Ryo Okumoto, Jordan Rudess etc. Neither frenzy guitars and flashy background are to be expected nor impressive guest musicians. Michael Pinnella unfolds an unknown, to the public, crease of his compositional talent and lets his classical education to lead the way. The most metallic moments inside this album are some scattering references to SymphonyX's V and Adagio's Underworld (stunning release).
The result? Surely interesting, and those who tend to search a bit more for singular and atypical releases will be charmed from Pinnella's try. The point is that an average rock/metal fan listener has no reason to invest his/her money on a such album. There isn't a slightest link with heavy music that will make a fan of the field to drop his attention on it.
On the other hand, this album is very nice and relaxing too. I mean, ok it's not necessary for us to listen 24 hours per day to heavy metal to prove our dedication to it. I believe that all of us have our very special moments, when we need something to chill out and take a short, rejuvenescent brake. For such occasions,  Enter By The Twelfth Gate could perfectly work, as it's about a very qualitative and wrought album.
I'm gonna rate this album for what it stands and I leave it to your judgement the option of a possible buy. I warn you, this album has absolutely nothing to do with heavy music but it's totally unfair to be bypassed without second thought.
PS: I think that it would be better to have a church organ presence; I can't say I enjoyed the keyboard additions. Sometimes they spoil the atmosphere and seem incoherent.

3 Star Rating

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Record Label: Inside Out Music


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