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Midhaven – Spellbound Award winner

by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 30 April 2015, 8:30 PM

It seems that India has a very good Metal scene on the country. Yes, two weeks ago, “Big Daddy” here had the opportunity to review one band from there, and now, a second one arrives, the excellent and eclectic quartet MIDHAVEN, coming with “Spellbound”, their first album, after a digital three song EP, “Tales from the Tide”, from 2013 (and the three are on this album, for our complete joy).

I meant eclectic due their personality. Yes, these guys are creating something different from the usual, mixing melodic and technical Black/Progressive Metal in the vein of ENSLAVED with more melodic and introspective influences from traditional Heavy Metal, and something from ethereal Progressive Rock and Sludge Metal are into their music. Yes, it’s an insane alchemy, but that reached their goal! Here, the band presents very good melodic vocals (that mix with harsh tunes sometimes), powerful and very good guitar works, and a technical and heavy rhythmic session. And all these elements are bounded together in a very personal form, so the band really tries to present something new and different. And they nearly got it on their first album!

The sound production is very clear, of course, and they really take advantage of that to make their music sound great and good, both in aggressive moments as in the calm and tender ones. It’s a bit hollow and raw, but it’s not bad to the point of making some damages on their music. Not, it’s in a good level of quality.

Their main topics on the lyrics are based on Greek and Indian mythologies (or we can call this last one religion, for it’s their cultural inheritance, and the Indian Gods are still adored there), what enriches a lot their musical work. A bit of culture is something that we like to see on Metal, I dare to say.

Their songs are all fine, showing that MIDHAVEN can be considered a very good promise for the future. But now, they really are showing a pretty good work, with very good songs as the technical and progressive “Lunar Blessing” (very good song, with tender tempos, but with some harsh grunts in the middle of clean ones), the rerecorded “Tales from the Tide” (a very precious song, with a fine heavy and technical touch done on the rhythmic basis), the aggressive “Fall of Olympus” (this is a more harsh song, with the Sludge Metal feature appearing more here, with very abrasive vocals), and the tender “Whitewash”.

They are a fine revelation, so have the MIDHAVEN name in you mind.

4 Star Rating

1. Lunar Blessing
2. Seeking the Divine
3. Spellbound
4. Tales from the Tide
5. Ascension
6. Fall of Olympus
7. Third Eye
8. Whitewash
9. Death Row
Karan Kaul – Vocals, Guitars
Shreyas Rane – Guitar, Keyboards
Abhishek Sawant – Vocals, Bass
Viraj Saxena – Drums
Record Label: Universal Music


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