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Midnartiis – Sinew of Sol

Sinew of Sol
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 26 March 2022, 8:07 AM

From their EPK, “Sinew of Sol” is the conclusion of a journey through the dark, and a culmination of the more Traditional Black Metal style with the plaintive Folk music found on previous releases, brought to prime form. The sound of regeneration and strength following decay and loss, and the phoenix rising from the ashes of past selves.” The album contains seven tracks.

The title track opens the album. It’s a ten-minute beast. Right away the muted production strikes me, as does the melancholy sound with thumping bass guitar notes. The vocals are raspy and angry, but that sad music sure does a number on me. Clean guitars come in along with some leads and really drive the despondent tones home. “Through the Stygian” is a much shorter song, featuring clean acoustic guitars and more of that melancholy sound. “A Fading Sepulchral Vestige” begins with an inventive guitar riff and plenty of meaty bass notes. It slows just before the half-way mark, with some meter shifting and a repetitive, hypnotic sound that he drives home.

“The Empty Chamber” is another charming acoustical song that relays tender and poignant feelings. Did you say that this was Black Metal? What a beautifully surprising song here. Indeed, only thing that Wes is really good at are these simple melodies that get stuck in your head. “Coiled Within the Earth” begins with a heavy riff and harsh vocals but doesn’t lose sight of the melody. It moves forward with passion and attentiveness. Some leads come in and carry the melody after the half-way mark. Drums then roll double time through the end. “The Serpent’s Whisper” is an interesting song. It features some tom drums along with some hypnotic guitars that sound like they come from an old man wandering in the desert. Is he really there?

“Faustian Path” closes the album. It opens with clean guitars that transition to harsh ones. Depressive tones combine with angry vocals. A sharp transition occurs after the half-way mark, and the song finishes on powerful and emotive tones. Black Metal can always surprise me. For every 100 albums that just re-hash the sounds of the past, one can come along and wipe the traditions cleanly away. That is what Wes has done with “Sinew of Sol.” He doesn’t push the vocals to the forefront of his sound. Instead, he lets them occupy the background while he engages the listener with melody and depressive tones. If he could clear out the muted production, the album would really shine. It’s just the right balance between deep sadness and anger.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Sinew of Sol
2. Through the Stygian
3. A Fading Sepulchral Vestige
4. The Empty Chamber
5. Coiled Within the Earth
6. The Serpent's Whisper
7. Faustian Path
Wes Radvansky – Everything
Record Label: Naturmacht Productions


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