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Midnattsol - The Metamorphosis Melody

The Metamorphosis Melody
by Mike Novak at 18 May 2011, 5:07 PM

The third and final part of my recent “bands I have never heard of” trilogy is MIDNATTSOL, hailing from Germany and Norway. I would classify them as Gothic Metal (although the term “metal” is used loosely) with a hint of a folk influence. Their main focal point is vocalist Carmen Elise Espenæs, who is actually the sister of LEAVES’ EYES vocalist Liv Kristine Espenæs Krull. She has a very beautiful and smooth voice and does not feel the need to go over-the-top with an operatic style.

Let me start out by saying that the title track is one of the best songs of any genre that I have heard so far in 2011. Espenæs’ striking vocals combine with a haunting lead guitar melody that sticks in my head for hours afterwards. This song alone is almost enough to merit the purchase of the entire album, or at the very least an Itunes download.

Unfortunately, MIDNATTSOL does not come close to reaching those heights on any other song on the album. To be fair, “The Metamorphosis Melody” is a generally solid album. There are some fine folk melodies and songs. “Spellbound,” “Forvandlingen” and especially “A Poet’s Prayer” are quite enjoyable and I listen to them frequently. However, the title track sets the bar so high that, in the context of the album, nothing else seems to come close to measuring up. I did not really begin to enjoy some of the other songs until I listened to them on their own on my MP3 player’s shuffle, mixed with other songs. This is not necessarily a significant detriment, but I do not really listen to the album as a whole anymore. Instead, I find myself picking out several of my favorite songs and ignoring the rest.

The Metamorphosis Melody,” the song, is a must own. “The Metamorphosis Melody,” the album, is definitely worth considering as well, especially if one considers themselves a fan of gothic metal, bands with female singers, and/or music with a folk influence.

3 Star Rating

1. Alv
2. The Metamorphosis Melody
3. Spellbound
4. The Tide
5. A Poet's Prayer
6. Forlorn
7. Kong Valemons Kamp
8. Goodbye
9. Forvandlingen
10. Motets Makt
11. My Re-creation
Carmen Elise Espenæs - Vocals
Alex Kautz - Guitars
Daniel Droste - Guitars
Birgit Öllbrunner - Bass
Chris Merzinsky - Drums
Daniel Fischer - Keyboards
Record Label: Napalm Records


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