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Midnight - No Mercy for Midnight

No Mercy for Midnight
by Casper De Ro Ro at 11 October 2014, 9:47 PM

If you don’t like your filth too clean, put down Playboy. If you don’t like your Black Metal this dark, change genre.   If you don’t like your heavy metal track titles and lyrics too confronting, put down "No Mercy for Mayhem". MIDNIGHT have produced a thoroughly honest album in full of controversial material put to magnificent music.

With "Penetratal Curse" we are let through a darkened doorway accompanied by utterings from the underworld.  Through we are led into Midnight’s world of metal madness.  Our journey has begun. Just try and keep your head still during "Evil Like a Knife" as it repeatedly stabs away at your aural senses.  There is a distinct MOTORHEAD feel to this track sprinkled with speed and ferocity.  "Prowling Leather" gives you short break and slows down a little but doesn’t stop you spitting at your speakers and scaring the shit out of your CD player with the face donned for your lyrical lounge room accompaniment to Jamie Walters.

The perfect placement of the title track "No Mercy for Mayhem" gives you a different feel yet again, as we are reminded of how musically talented this crew are.  The "Last Rape of the Night" is a rare brief, but clear glimpse of that often blurred bridge between Punk Road and Heavy Metal while "Degradation" bares us witness to the rock and roll alive and well in the Metal genre.  Absolutely excellent guitar work and a thoroughly skillful demonstration of how diverse this band can be whilst remaining lyrically true.

Old school heavy metal finds its way into "Woman of Flame" as recollections of legendary metal performances come thick and fast.  Spirit and soul are injected into the track mid-point with fantastic solo work on the axe. Brilliant. Reminders of mortality run amok during "Try Suicide" and I’m sure listeners will thread their stories neatly through the lyrics in their own way.

The guitar work introducing "Whiplash Disaster" reminds you that this band are far from finished delivering excellence on this album.  Each track has a distinct feel all its own. "Aggressive Crucifixion" is an honest and down to earth reminder of who this group are. We are directed out of the journey back to life where we are just listening to a CD, but none who make the journey will forget where they have been.  The tracks are catchy and reverberate as a fitting soundtrack to the internal soliloquy on my day.

The CD has a bonus track of such wanton ferocity that it will have you rushing out to catch this band live rather than pay gym fees for the a lesser workout.  However it may make you will run your ass off to buy their next release.

3 Star Rating

1. Penetratal Curse
2. Evil like a Knife
3. Prowling Leather
4. No Mercy for Mayhem
5. The Final Rape of Night
6. Degradation
7. Woman of Flame
8. Try Suicide
9. Whiplash Disaster
10. Aggressive Crucifixion
11. Destroy Tsunamis Power
Athenar - Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Drums
Commandor Vanik - Live Guitars
SS - Live Drums
Record Label: Hells Headbangers Records


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