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Midnight Rider - Manifestation

Midnight Rider
by Bruno Diniz at 28 June 2017, 8:47 PM

From Germany, the band MIDNIGHT RIDER releases their debut album entitled "Manifestation". The work was produced, mixed and mastered by Mersus at Underworld Studio in Solingen and released through Massacre Records. The quartet formed by Wayne (vocals), Blumi (guitar), Cliff (bass) and Kenji (Drums) brings to their listeners a musicality rooted in the seventies and inspired by bands like JUDAS PRIEST (old), BLACK SABBATH and LED ZEPPELIN. The path traveled by the band is a little bit dangerous, because the distance between making a similar but original sound and making a copy is quite short: unfortunately the band oscillates between these two paths.

 "When I Spew My Hate" starts the album with a beautiful mixing, bringing in the bass and drums in evidence and guitars effects that are the very characteristic of the 70’s. While "Tears Of Temptation" follows the same line that previous song, "The Execution" brings a sound with slower and heavier riffs. "Creature Of The Night" is a very melodic song that focuses on lead guitar and solos on the old fashioned. The others songs on the album are very similar, to the first ones, taking directly to the vein attached to the old school rock. Only the last song "Unknown Woman of Seine" escapes from  the style, however the similarity with Led Zeppelin is too much, thus removing uniqueness from the attractiveness of this band.

If it was released in the 70's, “Manifestation” would certainly have been very successful. But we are almost fifty years ahead. For fans of old school Heavy Rock, this album can even be considered attractive considering the great mixing and some new songs. But I do not see much motivation since I think it's better to listen to the old classics.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 4
Production: 9

3 Star Rating

1. When I Spew My Hate
2. Tears of Your Temptation
3. The Execution
4. Creature of yhe Night
5. In My Void
6. Heroes and Speedfreaks
7. Change Your Life
8. I Wanna Be a Prowler
9. Arrival
10. Unknown Woman of the Seine
Wayne - vocals
Blumi - guitar
Cliff -bass
Kenji - drums 
Record Label: Massacre Records


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