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Midnight Spell - Sky Destroyer

Midnight Spell
Sky Destroyer
by Craig Rider at 04 February 2021, 12:31 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: MIDNIGHT SPELL; signed via Iron Oxide Records, hailing from the United States of America in Miami, Florida - performing Heavy Metal, on their debut album entitled: "Sky Destroyer" (released January 8th, 2021).

Since formation in 2017; the quintet in question have only a Demo entitled: "Between The Eyes" (released April 3rd, 2019) & this here debut album entitled: "Sky Destroyer". 9 tracks ranging at around 40:57; MIDNIGHT SPELL arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Heavy Metal developments.

Opening up with "Blood For Blood"; this rompy rampancy of pounding thunder rattles with technical slams until this raging scream soars with yelling momentum, rhythmic shreds also belts with sulfurous rips & monolithic impact. Blistering hooks fret into a boisterously bouncy crunch in chunky rumbles, while surged with mountainous frenzies in battering punchiness. Weighty grooves gravitate an intense but borderline foundation in catchy reverberation while tight strikes pursuit with razor-sharp synergy, amplified adrenaline fastens a high-octane ability in high-pitched singing professionalism that has a feel-good flair to it. "Between The Eyes" fluidly fabricates flamboyant firepower finesse, chiselling driving harmonies with snappy quirkiness to it, hefty sturdiness thuds with wildly rushing rivets that trailblaze with skyrocketing & meticulous ramifications.

Tempestuous heat consists of killer laceration mobilities, while vocalist Paolo Velazquez roars with vibrantly polished pipes that yell with clean but euphonic expertise. Harmonic heaviness arms a brimming dose on some mellifluous substance, as "Lady Of The Moonlight" organically showcases strong  twin guitar attacks from shredding maelstrom virtuose The Hammer & Denver Cooper. Both dexterously chug frolicking yet quintessential nimbleness, rapidly shifting with swift teamwork. Melodic captivation appeals in ambitiously salubrious remedies that supplies sublime songwriting musicianship while remaining distinctive but diligently detailed in immersively dynamic instrumental equalities. "Midnight Ride" outbursts with speedy motivation, impulsing a fast paced swerve of sonically seamless impact. Excelling with profusely robust systematics that steamrolls with relentless kicks, and elegantly exquisite heaviness.

Hammering drummer Brian Wilson crafts a rambunctiously pounding pummel, volatile trembles quake with stampeding pulsations, swinging with clashing beats. "Mercy" had me replaying this one, where with its dancing bruisers and belting gallops contrast a modernized yet old school aesthetic while injecting assertive calamities while triggering memorably distinctive exuberance in lively enthusiasm. The titular track venomously marvels with infectiously fretful prodigiousness, persevering with concretely gritty spellbinds that demonstrates distinguished bass audibility from Cam Martell. Traditional riffs, rocking solos, powerful falsetto cords and a classic boundary in Heavy Metal classiness intrudes eardrums with this majestic prowess. Resonating with zestful skill that results with complexly constructive style, while storming into a blitzing stomp on steely precision & flexible fundamentals.

"Cemetery Queen" edges on this more slower spectrum, where this brooding atmosphere takes on a kind of gothic grandeur but the utmost impressive execution of singing strength hypnotises listeners while this outrè panache on some progressive techniques creatively flies souls with stunning motoring. While the penultimate track "To The Stars" is a mid-paced cruiser, dive-bombing guitars still manage to rollick skulls with perpetual fervour. An artistic crescendo of thrilling sophistication that will bob heads with this pleasing vibe to it, giving off some radio-friendly blends for good measure. Overall concluding “Sky Destroyer” with the epic finale called: “Headbang ‘Til Death”, an upbeat shroud on sheer vigour & a singsong chorus in which will most surely be a crowd, live pleaser with no doubt. Hinting at a sound production that reminds me of some SAXON quite heavily…where syncopated double bass beats experiment an evolving transformation of systematic speed that’s an all round yet oscillated hell-raiser for sure.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that MIDNIGHT SPELL certainly outdone themselves for a debut… An enjoyably entertaining discovery that provides justifiable Heavy Metal experiences that most definitely deserves a few spins - worth checking!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Blood For Blood
2. Between The Eyes
3. Lady Of The Moonlight
4. Midnight Ride
5. Mercy
6. Sky Destroyer
7. Cemetery Queen
8. To The Stars
9. Headbang ‘Til Death
Cam Martell - Bass
Brian Wilson - Drums
Denver Cooper - Guitars
The Hammer - Guitars
Paolo Velazquez - Vocals
Record Label: Iron Oxide Records


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