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Mike Chlasciak - The Metalworker

Mike Chlasciak
The Metalworker
by YngwieViking at 27 May 2013, 1:53 PM

American Guitar slinger ex-HALFORD / TESTAMENT / SEBASTIAN BACH, “Metal” Mike Chlasciak (PAINMUSEUM) finally will publish his new solo album under rational and well-founded title of “The Metalworker”, indeed Chlasciak is a real passionate Metalhead axeman, that had played with some of the biggest names in the Metallic industry, showing a definitive huge live stamina, as well as great dexterity in guitar shredding and a some dangerous riffing antics with some obvious dedicated blind perseverance .The album will be released through C.M.M. Entertainment.

Fans can buy an official exclusive pre-sale package, including a signed CD and postcard, plus a guitar pick, which has been launched on He has already released several solo-based albums, instructional DVD & books, and writes his own monthly column, "Metal For Life", for Guitar World magazine. The whole record is a worship ode to Heavy Metal music, no bullshit, no modern studio trickery just a few great songs played with devotion in the old fashion mode, with blood, sweat and beers and real tube amps cranked at eleven. But what strikes the most while discovering “The Metalworker” for the first time is clearly in the intensity displayed in each track but most of all the virtuosity, the brilliance and the sheer superiority of the cast of musicians involved.

In fact, the album features some amazing guest appearances with talented interpretations provided by superb rhythm section composed by Kevin Talley (DAATH / HATE ETERNAL / SIX FEET UNDER) on drums with also extraordinary bassist of SYMPHONY X , Mike LePond (“M Is For Metal”) and most of all a solid recording performance by a Brazilian born vocalist: Carlos Zema (EMPIRE OF EDEN / ex-HEAVEN'S GUARDIAN / ex-VOUGHAN / ex-OUTWORLD) who after a mind blowing recital with the SOULSPELL Metal Opera last year under the main character of Hollow “The Dragon” is making a strong return on the front line, with some world class screaming / high pitch demonstration, mixed with an aggressive spitting habits, a few Testosterone grunts and emotional lyricism in the vibrato (“Hell No!”).

This very short disc (27’46“) is also composed by ultra-Hot / blistering instrumental cuts (“Don’t Shoot The Crown”) with a bunch of sharp riffage based vocal songs that carries with zeal: metallic faithfulness elements, true stainless steel parts, a slight extreme Metal savagery factor & a constancy in delivering the pure Metal components with no compromises, no ballads or filler. One of the fastest tracks is “Hails And Horns” is an outrageous, outstanding over the top hi-speed composition infused with melted lava razor guitar and surgical like precision double-kick drums. The closing track “Weight Of The Heart” is a more relaxed instrumental with clean guitar and a great atmosphere. Next time I will just ask for a little longer release, that’s will be my only reproach.

3 Star Rating

1. On Leather Wings
2. Don’t Shoot The Crown
3. We Are The Cross
4. M Is For Metal
5. Hell No!
6. Tonight We Ride
7. This Is War
8. Hails And Horns
9. Weight Of The Heart
Mike Chlasciak – Lead Guitar
Mike LePond – Bass
Kevin Talley – Drums
Carlos Zema – Lead Vocals
Record Label: C.M.M. Entertainment Group, LLC


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