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Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins - Silent Assassins Award winner

Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins
Silent Assassins
by YngwieViking at 27 September 2014, 2:55 AM

What happens when an illustrious Bass Player, member of one of most high profile band in the world, namely Mike LePond from SYMPHONY X gets together with one of the greatest singer in the world, the legendary, the one and only Alan Tecchio (HADES / AUTUMN HOUR / WATCHTOWER / ex NON-FICTION / ex SEVEN WITCHES / ex POWER ) and gets an all-star line-up for his first solo adventure…? What happens is called SILENT ASSASSINS… And it’s a pure delight and one of the biggest surprise of the second part of the fantastic flow of releases in 2014 !

This self titled album, meticulously recorded with the help of Eric Rachel (ATREYU / GOD FORBID) and his SYMPHONY X bandmate Michael Romeo (who also provides some blistering lead guitars and some delicate keyboards) is a great release for the awaiting fans eager to hear the follow up to the superbly amazing “Iconoclast”.

This album isn’t a selfish action but more an open letter to Metalheads with a real honesty, and a deep sensitivity under a faithful method, it demonstrates a real devotion for larger-than-life music with some slight Medieval flavors…Like if "The song of Ice and Fire" was mixed with the fury of "Painkiller" and updated with "The Accolade" subtlety…A manifesto for his passion for timeless Heavy Metal.

Of course vocalist-extraordinaire Alan Tecchio delivers the goods here, with maybe his best performance ever, in the same time loyal to his legendary throat style but also sometimes very near of the Russell Allen’s inflections… Clearly, the revelation of the whole disc, this recording could be the first step for his future worldwide recognition, he really deserves to be glorified for his sublime skill!

The line-up is completed by American Metal stalwart Metal Mike Chlasiak (HALFORD / PAINMUSEUM) and his Jackson guitars for some fine interventions in alternanation with the mighty Michael Romeo. Another SYMPHONY X member is guesting here, indeed Micheal Pinella provides some backing vocals. Mike LePond is well known for his whirlwind licks and Bass chops, for his debut album with SILENT ASSASSINS he also recorded all the rhythm guitars and composed a bunch of great tracks, obviously devoted to the Steel like no one but he also showing his taste for middle age soundscapes and adventurous orchestral score!

I noticed that the album contains some first class Power Metal with strong US Metal influences and a few New Wave of British Heavy Metal elements, with a positive message, a stylistic orthodoxy and also unusual Folk colors, setting toward dark atmospheres, dramatic & a real epic spirit… Exalted and fascinating! So what is my overall verdict on this album: well, buy on sight!

4 Star Rating

1. Apocalypse Rider
2. Red Death
3. The Quest
4. The Outsider
5. Masada
6. Silent Assassins
7. Ragnarok
8. The Progeny
9. Oath Of Honor
Mike LePond – Bass/Guitars/Backing Vocals
Alan Tecchio – Lead Vocals/Backing Vocals
Michael Romeo – Lead Guitars/Keyboards
Metal Mike Chlasiak – Lead Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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