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Mike Litoris Complot – The Six Whoresmen

Mike Litoris Complot
The Six Whoresmen
by William Travers at 06 July 2020, 10:45 AM

Luxembourg… A small landlocked country in Europe approximately the same size as Dorset, or for those of you that are unaware of the geography of South West England, just a bit smaller the Rhode Island in the US. However, it is also home to MIKE LITORIS COMPLOT…Yes you did say that first part right, say it again but faster over and over again… Kind of reminds me of the old ‘red lorry, yellow lorry’ game I played as a child.

MIKE LITORIS COMPLOT was formed in 2009 and have waded into 2020 with their second album “The Six Whoresmen”, which comes two years after their debut album release. The artwork for the album shows members to be the riders of the apocalypse on a busy backdrop that is just downright confusing, yet entertaining nonetheless.

The album opens with the title track “The Six Whoresmen” which has the sole purpose of introducing the album. An epic build up of hoofbeats, orchestral backings and a deep booming monologue to announce the arrival of the “The Six Whoresmen”. The arrival is heavy, pounding and unmissable, “Uniporn” flies straight in with heavy sludgy chords, incoherent pig squeals and the occasional cry of Uniporn, Uniporn. A lighter, spoken word breakdown splits the track in the latter stages before we come to its eventual end.

“Two Strangers One Bullet” is somewhat of a silly and fun transition track, with a western musical backing and a monologue. It introduces the following track of “Billy The Clit”, this is another heavy and dense track. Both vocalists coming together to create the broad and deep vocal sounds that I am already beginning to see as a theme for their music.

Jumping forward to “Cockosaurus Sex” we have more flickers of what MIKE LITORIS COMPLOT are capable of. Heavy thick riffs, broken up with a sublime breakdown from bassist Michel and impressive vocals, including a dinosaur’s roar… cos you know, the name… get it?

Stop, just stop. We’ve come to some insanity. “March Of The Landwhales” tracks some audio lines of some people ordering fast food over some delightfully techno Eurotrash music, completely out of place, but that makes it stand out, I guess. Followed up with “Landwhales Don’t Say No”, thick, fast paced and heavy from start to finish.

If you look at the band’s Facebook page you will see some interesting ’Artists we also like’ including, GODZILLA and DAVID HASSELHOFF… Well, welcome to track 13 and the ode to the Hoff… “David Hasslecock” it is strange, it is odd but it completely fits with the entirety of the album thus far in that it is completely insane.

The tail end of the album continues with more insanity, including some special appearances from midget space pigs… but there is one track that needs to be spoken about. “Duuschtreg Jongen”, I can’t really describe it, but if I had to, I would have to say that it reminded me of music lessons at school. Where all the kids would go on keyboards, press the ‘DJ’ function and just let loose with some odd, incoherent sounds that made no sense and think they were musicians… That being said, this track does have a wonderful soothing acoustic guitar line and vocal melody that is just a calm and peaceful way to see out the album, albeit slightly estranged.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised. I’ll admit that I am not usually a massive fan of, how do I put this without being a total dick… gimmicky music. I like to have a laugh but to me there is too far within music and upon looking at the tracking I thought that this would be the case here. However, I was proven wrong and reminded to never judge a book by its cover. MIKE LITORIS COMPLOT clearly consists of guys who are skilled musicians and just enjoy having a good time in their way.

Song writing: 7
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. The Six Whoresmen
2. Uniporn
3. Two Strangers One Bullet
4. Billy The Clit
5. The Menu Card
6. Pony The Cash Machine
7. Baguette Dans Ton Cul
8. Destruction Tour
9. Cockosaurus Sex
10. Hydraulic Handjob
11. March Of The Landwhales
12. Landwhales Don’t Say No
13. David Hasslecock
14. The Love Of A Man Goes Through His Nose
15. Snorty The Degenerate Cocaine Hoover
16. Attack Of The…
17. Retarded Midget Slampiggies From Outta Space
18. Rang Pang Vull An D’Mull
19. Duuschtreg Jongen
Beerserker – Vocals
Meganega – Vocals
Alaine Chiche – Guitars / Vocals
Rapey McMurderface – Guitars / Vocals
Michel Mijl Wagner – Bass / Vocals
BumBum – Drums / Vocals
Record Label: Rotten Roll Rex Records


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