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Mike Tramp - Trampthology

Mike Tramp
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 30 December 2020, 9:24 AM

Well, the name of the Danish singer Mike Tramp is linked to his former band WHITE LION (older Metalheads can remember of “Little Fighter” video on MTV back in 1989), but maybe many don’t know that he has a successful solo career, with many releases. And after 25 years of his solo career, here is “Trampthology”, a bet of with many of his songs (but only from his solo albums). On the 16 songs that comes from all his solo albums, the listener will have in hands a Hard/Glam Metal form of music nearer of what he did with WHITE LION, but in a more melodic and accessible way. But along them, there are four new songs for the fans, carrying the same musical features that are known from his entire career. It’s a very good release, indeed. The production worked in a way to grant the fans a sonority that makes all the songs sounds without many unpleasant ‘shifts’ on the sound quality (due the differences between each album). All sound coherent, clean and loud, but with some essential ‘raw’ touch (that every Rock ‘n’ Roll releases must have). It’s excellent, indeed.

As a compilation of the best material released by Mike (with some of his hits are presented), the quality of the songs of “Trampthology” is very high. But the accessible appeal of “Give It All You Got”, the classic Glam Metal hooks heard on “If I Live Tomorrow”, the deeper and accessible approach of “The Road” and of “Dead End Ride”, the introspective appeal of “Mr. Death” (the use of parts of harmonica was a fine choice) and of “Cobblestone Street” (both in a total commercial trend), the charming pianos and Hammond used on “New Day”, the savage Rock ‘n’ Roll energy (tempered with very good and accessible melodies) of  “Coming Home”, the tender charm of “Better Off”, and the Christmas song “The Way It Was Before” (of a Single of 2013) are the better ones. But the new songs “Ain’t Done Yet”, “Take Me Away”, “Every Time” and “I’ll Never Be Young Again” depict the more tender and melodic era of Mike’s work, and are essential for the fans as well.

“Trampthology” is an honest release and pays tribute to Mike’s 25 years on the road alone. And for his fans, it’s an essential release as well, and can be a nice opportunity for those that still don’t know his solo efforts.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Give It All You Got
2. If I Live Tomorrow
3. More to Life
4. The Road
5. Ain’t Done Yet
6. Dead End Ride
7. Maybe Tomorrow
8. Mr. Death
9. Mother
10. Take Me Away
11. Cobblestone Street
12. Trust in Yourself
13. New Day
14. Bow and Obey
15. Every Time
16. Coming Home
17. Lay Down My Life For You
18. Better Off
19. The Way It Was Before
20. I’ll Never Be Young Again
Mike Tramp - Vocals
Record Label: Target Records


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