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Miles To Perdition - 2084

Miles To Perdition
by Craig Rider at 02 February 2020, 6:21 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: MILES TO PERDITION; independently unsigned, hailing from Luxembourg territory - performing Melodic Death Metal, on their sophomore album entitled: "2084" (released 31/01/2020).

Since formation in 2007; the quintet in question have a Demo entitled: "Miles To Perdition" (released in January 2008), an EP entitled: "Vengeance"; a single entitled "S.O.M.A", and 2 full-length albums entitled: "Blasphempous Rhapsody" (released May 27th, 2014) / this here 2nd album entitled: "2084". 7 tracks ranging at around 40 minutes; MILES TO PERDITION arrange an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Melodic Death Metal developments. Imagine abolishing all emotional lusts that the human race refuses to cleanse their addictions of; the short introduction: "Final Warning" depicts total ruination & deprevation, fuelled with only but a boot to the face to the infidels in which makes the superior gain utmost power & supreme authority amongst civilization.

Consisting of Ken on vocals; the frontman excels with a guttural fabrication of gnarly raspiness, throaty snarls that rage with rawly rough yells & a concretely gritty embellishment of profusely robust pipes with lungs that manifests monstrously meaty cords. "Terror Of Lies" forges catchy elements in which implements a blistering foundation of amplified andrenaline; crunchy bounciness, and borderline barrages of rip-roaring guitar hooks from Joey & Chris. Who shred with thunderous substance, organic pandemonium & rapidly swift nimbleness. Trailblazing with primitively momentous rhythms that soar into a barraged frenzy of frolicking chugs, galloping chaos & experimental extremity. "To The Guns" contrasts into a blast beating hybrid, dimensioned with uniquely versatile tremelo picking vehemence & razor-sharp grooves execute seamlessly sonic punchiness while lacerating killer jumpiness.

Audible bassist Mulles pulsates the sound production with thumpy precision; solidified while rampently soaring with rhythmic subjugation yet harsh distortion, amalgamating distinctive arpeggios converged around a meticulously neat outrè of panache & harmonic hostility. "S.O.M.A." creatively distinguishes hardened hymns of fluid dexterity; showcasing rambunctious drum hammering from battering powerhouse Dany, revolved with progressively technical patterns that flow hastily into an infectious injection of symphonic terror & melodious outbursts. "Divide Et Impera" articulates an evil empowered ritual of menacing savagery; portraying quintessential virtuosity, mid-tempo mayhem & sinister songwriting musicianship. Supplying potently vibrant quirkiness, snappy finesse & an electrifying arsenal of riveting riffs & neck-breaking instrumentation.

"Cognitive Dissonance" is indeed a discordant soundscape; transitioned into an ambiently blasphemous layer of an atmospherical concept, a 1:56 interval until the overall concluding & lengthy song 13:12: "Doom" compiles an extreme finisher…juxtaposing jarring yet flamboyant dynamics with moody vibes, relentlessly ruthless strikes & scattering styles that establish dominating, bone crushing immersivity. Intensely attributing a hellish physique of malevolent maelstroms, prodegious potential & remarkably sophisticated yet salubrious talent – while representing venomously tight results & diligently detailed consistency.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that MILES TO PERDITION certainly deliver a mighty performance, while laying down an enjoyably enlightening slab of severe Melodic Death Metal distributions – full of heavy firepower, and constructive havoc/expertise. A deadly discovery indeed!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Sound Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Final Warning
2. 2084
3. Terror of lies
4. To the guns
5. S.O.M.A
6. Divide Et Impera
7. Cognitive Dissonance
8. Doom
Ken - Vocals
Joey - Guitars
Chris - Guitars
Mulles - Bass
Dany - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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