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Miles Beyond - Miles Beyond (CD)

Miles Beyond
Miles Beyond
by Amy La Salla at 23 January 2005, 9:43 AM

Miles Beyond is a Power Metal band from the USA. I am always pleased to see Power Metal from my native land and so I popped their CD in the player and settled down, expecting an enjoyable ride.
The music is solid and the guitar-work is pretty standard Rock tinged Power Metal, though it is at its best when it every now and then strays into a neo-classicalish sound.
The singer reminds me of Bruce Dickinson(Iron Maiden) on the No Prayer For the Dying (1990) album. His voice is beautiful, has a great range and delivers Metal screams like he means it!  His unusually deep voice and strong sense of melody really add to the music.
The lyrics on this album are not very good. After the first read through, I just left the lyrics book closed, instead of trying to memorize them like I usually do.
My favorite songs off of this album are: Hail to the King, a fun rocking song about vengeance, Vlad the Impaler, which is about the historical Dracula. I particularly like the guitar-work on this vicious song. It reminds me of Sword. It is very violent but you probably guessed that from the name.
Take Me Home, a song about realizing that your new home is not the paradise it seemed. It is a fairly dynamic song, reminding me a little of early House Of Lords. It would almost be at home as the theme song in an 80's TV show.
This album has a good, fist-pounding vibe, great vocalist and a nice sense of melody. If you like Power Metal and can ignore the lyrics, it should be an enjoyable listen. I had fun and even played air guitar a few times.

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Out Of Control
Tales Of Old
Miles Beyond
Take Me Back Home
Vlad The Impaler
Still Strong
The Spaniard
Hail To The King
Rock Revolution
Crazy Horse
A Call To Odin
Tim Moody - Guitars & Vocals
Paul O. - Guitars
Larry Moody - Bass
Tod Fisher - Drums
Record Label: Rock Revolution Records


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